Sony FX30 Review Best Video Camera Under $2000

Sony announced a new camera Sony FX30 and this is an initial Sony FX30 Review we already know the previous version FX3. The FX30 is significantly lower than any Cinema Camera from Sony and FX30 is the baby FX3 at half the cost.

The FX30 is a competitor to cameras like the Blackmagic Pocket 6K, so the difference between them is the 6K does not have autofocus which is so important especially if you do YouTube videos.

Sony FX30 Specs

  • 4K 10-bit 4:2:2
  • 16-bit Raw HDMI
  • 4K 120 1.6x Crop

Image Stabilization

the fx30 also has built-in image stabilization on the sensor but the sensor is smaller than on a full-frame camera which takes a little bit of time to get used to.

So, basically, it means when you’re using full frame glass such as the 12 to 24 then this would be equivalent to approximately 15 to 35 or 16 to 35 it basically makes everything that you shoot a little bit tighter because you don’t have the same field of view.

Sony FX30 Screen

Recording Capability

Sony FX30 Recording Format

the FX30 has 10-bit 422 like the A7 IV a great feature for the color grade it also has 10 bit 422 in 4K 60 at a very minimal crop a 1.04 times crop you can barely notice it. So, that a 4K 60 10 bit 422 if you are an A7C shooter you know that the A7C does not have 4K 60 in any capacity and it continues the 4K goes to 120 on the FX30.

Sony FX30 Frame Rate

So, FX30 can do a one-to-one pixel readout it crops weight in on the sensor but it’ll still be very sharp footage with very high resolution and it will be good with a rolling shutter.


Sony FX30 Battery

FX30 uses an FX 100 battery and when recording in 1080p will last at 2 hours and six minutes which I think is really quite impressive and a really excellent battery life for a small camera especially considering it’s a full-frame sensor.


Sony FX30 Memory Cards
Sony FX30 Ports 2
Sony FX30 Ports

FX30 has the micro USB and the usbc and a full-size HDMI port together with the audio in and audio out which I think is pretty cool considering that this is an APS-C camera.

Sony FX30 Ports 1
3,5 mm Audio Port

Sony FX30 Price

So, another difference with the FX30 in comparison to the FX3 is its price point this is almost half the price of an FX3.

Sony FX30 is priced at $1,800 on BH Photo and the Pocket 6K G2 is the same price as the FX30 body, the Pocket Pro is a little bit more than the FX30 but is coming with the XLR handle.

Whereas the FX30 body only is more limited on audio input without spending more money as there’s just that Mi shoe or a 3.5 millimeter input but for some work that will be enough and there’s always the option of adding the top panel a k3m adapter or any Mi shoe accessories at a later date.

Why You Should Buy Sony FX30?

I think the FX30 is a very smart option it’s a bit cheaper and very reliable as a video camera and the smaller sensor it gives you the same feel as shooting through a viewfinder, it does a lot you’re gonna have a slightly different look with the different sensor size.

the slightly better dynamic range and the better low light are probably more important on the FX3 so if you were going to pick one or the other that is a reason to go for the FX3.

This camera has the 4K 120, 10bit, 16-bit raw if you want to have that output you can attach the xlr handle to this, and you also have two different memory card slots that you can use both of which take CFexpress type A.

Who’s this camera for?

FX30 is amazing for anyone that wants to start out in the Cinema world because the options that this camera provides are also found in much higher-end models like the Sony FX6, Sony FX9, and cameras like Sony Venice.

If this is your first camera then this is such a good camera for anyone that wants to step up and get to the next level without paying the price of an FX3 or Sony A7S III. And not only this camera is cheaper but also the lenses are way cheaper than full-frame lenses.

And if you are a huge fan of the APS-C sensor or you have been using a full frame for so long, you want to have a little bit more tele-zoom without putting on two big lenses on the actual camera.

It’s got all the same buttons it looks almost exactly like the FX3 where the Sony FX3 has a 35-millimeter full frame sensor whereas the FX30 has a smaller one and uses APS-C sensors you get the same kind of feature that the FX3 gets just with a smaller sensor.


The  FX30 oversamples the 4K 60 footage from 6K down and has more details than even Sony  A7S III or FX3.

  • Active Cooling System Fan
  • 4K 60 1.04x Crop vs 1.6x
  • Dual Base in S-Log3
  • 4K 120 1.6x Crop
  • 16bit Linear Raw Output
  • Cinema Menu Cine EI
  • Custom Luts
  • USB-C Streaming 1080 60
  • Optional XLR Top Handle
  • Better Lens Selection


  • it does not have a mechanical shutter
  • shoot 4K 60fps with almost no crop, in Super 35 mode shoots 4K only at 24fps. But when you switch it to 30fps it will crop in a lot to already small sensor so the quality is a lot degraded.

What is the Difference Between 6K Pro and FX30?

the Pocket 6K pro has internal ND filters which is a huge advantage and the FX30 gains a big bump up in audio recording with better preamps better audio controls for physical dials and full-size XLR inputs with line level control and phantom power plus you get a much nicer ergonomic design because of this top handle itself.

Why You Should Buy FX30 Over Pocket 6K Pro?

the color differences between the Pocket 6K Pro and FX30 are definitely an advantage for the FX3 the Pocket 6K Pro is very different it must distribute its dynamic range in a very different way than the Sony cameras it’s cleaner in the shadows but it badly Clips when it’s Overexposed to four stops.

So, for less money the Pocket 6K G2 offers the advantages of two mini X light inputs raw and pro res recording internally, a larger screen at the back, and some more useful video tools like false color.


  • S-Cinetone
  • Lens Breathing Comp
  • Focus Mapping
  • Unlimited Recording
  • Weather Sealing
  • Optional HLR Handle
  • Time Code in with Cable
  • Cine EI Menu
  • Load Custom Luts
  • Button Layout Video Friendly
  • Tally Lamps


  • No Extra Crop in 4K 60
  • Missing 4K 30 with HEVC

Wrapping Up

the pricing is very similar they were meant for two different shooters so why not get the Sony FX30 when you’re going to get a crop sensor and an amazing video camera hopefully this helped you with your decision on the Sony FX30 vs Sony A7 IV and why you should buy the FX30.

the FX30 is not the same camera as the Sony FX3, the Sony A7S III, or the FX6, the FX30 will not replace all those cameras it is an 1800 camera but you will get very similar functionality you will not get the same image quality but it produces a great image and it’s also an incredible value.


FX30 has a Fantastic hybrid autofocus performance, it also has an e-mount on the front and with this option, you can use a much wider range of lenses than the EF mount on the front of the pocket because of all the adapters you can use with e-mount things start to change a little once you step up to the top handle with the FX30 or the Pocket 6K Pro.

the FX30 has a stabilized sensor with much more frame rate options like 4K 120p and 1080 240 frames a second.

Sony FX30

Release Date28 September 2022
Body TypeRangefinder Mirrorless
Sensor Size23.5 x 15.6 mm
Sensor Resolution6192 x 4128
Sensor Pixels26
ProcessorBIONZX XR
Image StabilizationSensor-Shift 5.5 stops
Image FormatJPEG, RAW, HEIF
Video Resolution4K UHD
3840 x 1920 up to 120p
Continuous Shooting11.0fps
ISOAuto 100-32000
Expanded to 50-102400
Viewfinder NO
Screen TypeFully Articulated LCD Touch
Screen Size3.0″
Screen Resolution2,360K dots
Focus TypeFast Hybrid AF
Focus Points759
Lens MountSony E
Shutter TypeElectronic
Shutter SpeedMin 30 sec
Max 1/8000 sec
Electronic 1/8000 sec
X Sync Speed1/200 sec
Build in FlashNO
ConnectionUSB 3.2 Gen2/10 GBit sec
StorageSD/SDHC/SDXC/ UHS-II + CFexpress Type A
Exposure Compensation+/-5 EV, 1/3
Log ProfileS-Log3
Dynamic Range14 stops
Video FormatXAVC HS, XAVC S, HAVC SI, XAVC Proxy
Video CompressionMPEG-4, AVC/H.264
4:2:2 10bit internal
Video Resolution4K up to 120p
1396 x 788 at 240 or 200fps
4:2:2 10bit internal
HDMI output 4672 x 2638
Audio FormatLPCM stereo 48 kHz 24bit AAC
Image Ratio1:1, 3:2, 4:3, 16:9
White Balance PresetsYes
Custom White BalanceYes
External FlashYes
Self TimerYes
Metering ModesYes
WB BracketingYes
Battery Life420
Dimensions130 x 78 x 85 mm

Sony FX30 Who should buy this camera?

FX30 is for those who are looking for a Cinema Camera a beginner’s entry-level camera and you are a little bit out of your budget this camera is going to be a game changer.


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