Sony FX3 FF Cinema Camera

So, in this review, I will explain how Sony FX3 can change your workflow and become your primary camera.

I will explain the camera’s pros and cons and some of the things that I’ve noticed about it that may or may not make a difference for you if you decide to buy it.

When I talk about cameras I really like to talk about the good, I never want to share the bad but first is the build quality.

Sony FX3 Sideback

1. FX3 Body

It’s made out of high-end materials, the build quality is tied really close to the physical design. So if you are wondering Sony A7S III and the FX3 are the exact same camera on the inside, the internals on the FX3 is exactly the same as the A7S III, but they’re different on the outside.

there is a fan built-in on the FX3 with three different modes, there’s auto so when it needs to blow it will suck the air in and blow it out it sucks it in from the bottom and blows it out the side there’s off mode in case you don’t want it at all and then there is a minimum mode.

Sony FX3 Size

If you’re moving from photo to video there’s a switch and it takes about 8 to 10 seconds for it to move from photo to video or from video to photo.

Sony FX3 Side 1
Sony FX3 body

So the buttons on FX3 are very easy to access basically every button is super customizable. And all the buttons and dials just feel really nice for me.

Sony FX3 1 1

You can find a record button on the front, there are 1/4 20 mounts all over this camera, separate little doors for the full size HDMI port, and two full size XLR ports.

There is a door for the 3.5 millimeter microphone input, and the headphone output, a door for the USBC, and the multifunction USB port, and on the other side there are two SD card slots and both of these are combo ports, just like on the A7S III.

FX3 has a new layout for the main menu which gives faster access to key video menu items stand by movie screen puts all settings round your image similar to the Sony Venice EVF layout.


The FX3 has tally lights located in four different places there’s one on the front and in case you’re recording someone they can see that you’re recording them. there’s one on the back at the top you can set it up so that the LCD screen will show you the readout line when you’re recording.

there’s also a light up top by the new record button also on top they move the joystick it’s no longer on the back it is up top if you want to control stuff from there.

FX3 Image Quality

Let’s talk about the image quality that’s probably the most important thing about any camera. So, in my experience, the image quality from the FX3 and the A7S III is absolutely amazing. The image you get out of the Sony is really incredible it matches up pretty well with their cinema lineup.

The footage that’s coming out of the Sony FX3 is just so incredible this is a hybrid camera that is incredibly good at both photo and video.

Both cameras have incredible low-light performance, and full-frame sensors but FX3 takes still photos the same way that the A7S III does.

FX3 Autofocus

Sony FX3 ISO

The autofocus is really what initially work on the Sony system it works great the image quality is amazing you can easily adjust the sensitivity you can make it really quick and sharp.

Sony FX3 ISO 1

FX3 Sensor

FX3 features 4k up to 120 fps with a slight 10 crop, you can do 1080 up to 240 fps, there’s 16-bit DCI raw 4k up to 60p with a clean out and there is a dedicated cooling fan inside the camera, so, when you recording in 4k hq mode there is no issue you can not run into overheating with this camera.

sony FX3 Sensor

The sensor on FX3 boasts 12 megapixels and the sensor with those megapixels is a little bit wanting in terms of still photo capabilities. And that 12 megapixel sensor is really what makes these such powerful video cameras.

So what I want to tell you here a sensor with fewer larger pixels equal better image quality, better low light performance, and less heat production. So that’s why cameras with these megapixels don’t really overheat.

In most cases, they work so well in low-light but cameras like the Sony A7 IV with a 33 megapixel sensor are way better for still photos, they can be prone to overheating in some situations. So the 12 megapixel sensor in terms of video is really one of the secret weapons of these cameras.

Battery Type

Sony FX3 battery

Sony FX3 Specs

  • Type C USB
  • Option to record on SD Card
  • Microphone, Headphone, Jack


  • USB Power Delivery Compatible
  • Uninterrupted 4K 60p recording
  • Responsive and precise autofocus
  • Image slightly cropped up to 4K 60p
  • Lack of hand strap and top record button
  • Excellent low light performance
  • Side opening vary angle articulating monitor
  • EYE Tracking-Subject, Humans, Animals
  • hot shoe at the top
  • built-in xlrs for audio
  • built-in handle
  • It has semi-ei mode


  • No Build in Flash
  • no shutter angle
  • No Waveforms
  • Shutter Angle
  • No DCI 4K
  • No 8K video
  • No vector scopes flipping over the paper

Sony FX3 Price

So, the price FX3 retails for about $3,900, if we compare it with a similar camera as the Sony A7S III retails for about $3,500. If you want to know the differences between Sony FX3 VS A7S III you can check this link.

Who’s this Camera For?

FX3 is for someone who wants to shoot videos and wants a smaller cinema camera with an age-free design if your main focus is shooting video and it has a lot of functions.

Why You Should Buy Sony FX3?

So, a reason to buy FX3 is that it has the semi-ei mode, you can import Luts onto the camera, you can shoot in 4k 120 or you can pay $2500 for the A7 IV and you can’t shoot 4K 120 you can shoot 4K 60.


  • Designed for comfortable solo shooting
  • Active mode image stabilization for stable handheld shooting
  • Real time EYE AF in shallow depth of field and high frame rates
  • Convenient and reliable subject tracking by a touch AF transition speed 1 slow / 7 fast
  • Fully Functional responsive AF for efficient solo shooting
  • Better lowlight capabilities and minimal rolling shutter
  • Top Handle Audio inputs & mounting points separate from mirror
  • Instant AF support in manual focus mode
  • Variety of Sony lenses to maximize performance
  • Expandability and operability for creators
  • Buttons and controls within reach for single hand
  • Clear and visible tally lights when camera is rolling
  • Dust and moisture resistance (not 100% guaranteed)
  • Wired or wireless remote control from PC or mobile
  • ability to capture gyro metadata
  • Unlimited recording at any resolution
  • you can import Luts onto the camera


  • no way to remove the audio part, just use the handle as a handle.
  • you can’t detach the audio part, as it has cables that run through it.
  • No animal tracking for video
  • the rear panel is not that great
  • Internal cooling fans mean no overheating
sony FX3 Sensor

Released Date23 February 2021
Body TypeSLR- Style Mirrorless
Lens MountSony E
Crop factor1x
Sensor type Back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS Full Frame
Sensor size35.6 x 23.8 mm
Sensor resolution4264 x 2408
Sensor pixels12 Megapixels
Processor BIONZ XR
Image stabilization 5 Axis 5.5 Stops
Viewfinder TypeNot Included
Screen TypeFully Articulate touchscreen
Screen Resolution 1,440,000 dots
Screen Size3.0″
Battery TypeNP-FZ100
Battery life 580 shoots
Autofocus type Hybrid AF
Autofocus points759
Manual focusYes
Trackingphase contrast-detection AF
Eye TrackingReal-time tracking 
Image formatRAW, JPEG, HEIF
Continuous shooting 10fps
Shutter type Mechanical – Electronic
Shutter speed1/8000-30
Sync speed 1/250
ISO Sensitivity80-102400
Extended 40-409600
Dynamic range 15+stops
Video recording formatXAVC S, XAVC HS
Video compression MPEG-H, HEVC/H.265 10 bit
MPEG-4 AVC/ H.264 8 or 10 bit
HLG, S-Log2, S-Log3, 10 bit
Power ConsumptionMovie Aprox. 7.3W
Still Image Aprox. 3.4W
Media TypeCFexpress Type A/SD Card X2 Simulate
Operating Temperature32 to 104°F / 0 to 40°C
Storage Temperature-4 to 140°F / -20 to 60°C
Media FormatFATI2, 16, 32, exFAT
Raw Output HDMI4264 x 2408 59.94p/50p/29.97p/25p/23.98p/ 16 bit
Recording formatXAVC HS 4K, XAVC S 4K, XAVC S-I 4K
HDMI Type A full size
Build in BluetoothYes
Dimensions 129.7 x 84.5 x 77.8 mm

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