Sony A7R III Mirrorless Camera

If you have been using Sony A7 III and want to switch to the Sony A7R III this is an old camera released in 2017 but the image quality is still keeping up with new cameras.

the low light capability is also really great sony has really good lens options they’re sharp and well made, and the availability of lenses is definitely not going to be a problem for anyone choosing Sony.

Sony has been at the cutting edge for years now their iaf works really well, low light capability works really well and AF in general is great.

When it comes to the ergonomics the buttons or the menu system it gets in the way of the shooting process.

Things I will Cover

  1. Side-by-side features
  2. Advantages of Sony A7R III
  3. Strengths of Sony A7R III
  4. Weakness of Sony A7R III

A7R III Body

the build quality is generally outstanding, it uses a magnesium frame and it feels solid, it is actually in excellent shape. The weather ceiling isn’t as good as the generation 4, and the grip is smaller than on generation 4.

The user interface was not great for me but it can still survive a reasonable amount of bad weather, which is probably a price for a very compact size.

A7R III offers three command dials joystick and 12 logically positioned customizable buttons. The AF ON button is in the right place and the two buttons on the top of the camera are easy to reach.

It also has an exposure compensation dial but the only thing that I want to be included on A7R III and also on A7 III is the combined drive mode and focus mode dial which is only available on Sony A1 and Sony A9 series.

A7R III Menu

the function menu is highly customizable on A7R III which makes the camera very hassle free but unfortunately, you can’t control it using the touchscreen.

the A7R III has the on-off switch right here so with one hand you can very easily turn your camera off or on and then press the shutter with one hand i know you’re gonna say that sounds really silly

A7R III Screen

If I compared it with A7R IIIA the screen is really different but I found that the screen on the Fujifilm gfx100s is the best display that is currently seen on similar cameras with 2.36 million dot panel.

Sony A7R III

It is very sharp very bright a lot brighter than the 2.1 million dot panel on Nikon and Panasonic.

A7R III Sensor

A7R III uses a 43.4-megapixel backside illuminated full-frame sensor even by 2022 standards. The photos that you can capture with this sensor is outstanding. I mean 43 megapixels is enough basically for any kind of publishing platform, including fine art prints and 8k digital publishing.

the sensor is accompanied by a very good autofocus system and inbound image stabilization which creates a capable all-round package.


A7R III can shoot 10 frames per second with a mechanical shutter and autofocus continues. The buffer can take about 30 rows with 42 megapixels. The buffer clearing is very slow but if you don’t need to shoot more than 30 frames at a time A7R III can actually be a very capable sports or wildlife camera.

So, ISO 12800 for me is still usable, there is some noise but it is ok for online publishing, ISO 25600 is an emergency option. The noise is clearly visible but it can still get the colors right and there is basically no color shift.

So, both cameras are not as good at high iso values as 24 megapixel cameras. It means if you export the images at 24 megapixels A7R III benefits from the downsampling and noise compression.

In comparison with Sony A7 III by downsampling the shots to 24 megapixels the amount of noise is basically the same. The ISO 3200 is very clean on both and perfectly usable. There is some noise at iso 6400 but still usable for publication platforms.

A7R III Dynamic Range

the dynamic range is very good the colors are generally very nice it’s a modern full-frame Sony sensor. So, shooting with A7R III in light conditions you can extract enough information from the ros without introducing noise.

The A7R III output provides fantastic image quality that still exceeds the requirements of the vast majority of publishing methods.

A7R III Autofocus

the Sony A7R iii has a pretty good focus system but I realized that it’s not great at low light but it had decent file sizes.

The A7R III uses a hybrid autofocus system with 399 phase-detection points and 425 contrast detection points. It’s the lower version of autofocus in comparison to the A7 III and Sony A9. It still performs very well it’s 100 accurate and very fast even in low-light situations.

A7 R III Video Capabilites

the video is very detailed the quality is great if you use one of the semi-flat picture styles it also captures a very solid dynamic range. It provides a lot of flexibility for color grading super 35 or aps-c mode is also very useful that producing 4k video downsampled from about 5K.

The video capabilities on the A7R III in most situations may look a bit more digital than A7 III probably because it has no low pass filter.

So, for some videographers, the video is better in A7 III it has a bit more natural or cinematic look the A7R III maybe is better in resolution or anything else.

the efficiency is actually very good on A7R III it’s very similar to Nikon Z6 II it is also pretty close to the Fujifilm X-T4 at 24 millimeters with one-second exposure which is very impressive in the video for static shots up to about 70 millimeters.

A7R III Image Quality

the image quality is very similar to the full-frame mode, it is definitely a very useful feature if you need more focal range or you want to use aps-cleanses. The image stabilization is rated for 5.5 stops and is very impressive.

the A7R III is a camera with a high resolution image longevity in the nearer term without making a huge investment into the sony system.

A7R III Storage Type

A7R III has two SD card slots but only one is compatible which is fine for all-round use although two UHS 2 card slots would be nice that could have been upgraded with USB 3.2.

So, Dual UHS-II cards would also be nice if you are looking for a high-resolution landscape or portrait camera and a very nice 4K video.

A7R III Battery

the battery life is rated for 650 shots which is an outstanding value with over 1000 shots on a single charge depending on the usage. Also, you are able to charge the battery in camera using usb-cor micro USB port.


  • Battery Life Shots 650
  • Phase detection AF
  • Contrast detection AF
  • Build in NFC


  • No image stabilization
  • No Panorama
  • No Internal flash
  • No Tilth Swivel Screen
  • No Build in flash
Sony Alpha A7R III sensor
Sony Alpha A7R III monitor 2
Sony Alpha A7R III monitor 1
Sony Alpha A7R III monitor

A7R III Weight

A7R III uses a well-known third generation sony full-frame body it is only 12 and a half centimeters wide and it weighs 657grams.

Sony A7R III Release Date

Sony A7R III is a pro mirrorless camera released in 2017.

Sony A7R III Price

When it comes to the price sony is really expensive when they released a new camera but A7R III is released in 2017 which you can get a really excellent camera for a good price and you can get this for about half the price of the canon r5 you can get A7R III around $2,500.


  • Image stabilization sensor shift
  • Pixel Shift
  • Good Quality s35 4K
  • Great AF in stills and video
  • color depth 26.0
  • Rear LCD Panel
  • low light ISO 3523
  • Firmware stability
  • excellent for beginners and professionals
  • Exposure metering Exmor R Sensor
  • Refined image quality
  • Enhances handheld shooting freedom
  • Autofocus assist Lamp
  • Pixel shift multi shooting
  • A new dimension of subjective resolution
  • Breathtaking movie reality

Wrapping Up

So, why you can buy the A7R III because you don’t necessarily need all the greatest features like the Canon R5 when you can get the same image quality with a camera that is 5 years old for just $2,500.

If you are very passionate about getting stunning images and the upper level of image quality and want more detail in your images and you want to enter the next stage in the photography you can go with A7R III or if you are a video creatoe you can go with Canon R5.


In my opinion, Sony A7R III is one of the best digital cameras these days but it may be more relevant with an upgraded display because it offers excellent output 43-megapixel steel.

So, Sony’s A7R series are mostly stills oriented cameras but the A7R III is also a very capable video camera, it can shoot no crop 4k video in 24 and 25b.

A7R III has a very compact body with very good ergonomics with the 4K video which for me looks really good so, the only part I don’t like that feels outdated is the main menu.

Sony A7R III

Released Date25 October 2017
Body Type SLR Style Mirrorless Magnesium Allow
Sensor type Full Frame BSI CMOS
Sensor size 35.6 x 23.8 mm
Sensor resolution7952 x 5304
Sensor Size42 mp
Color filter ArrayPrimary color filter
Lens mount Sony E
Focal Length multiplier1x
Focus type4D focus fast hybrid AF
Focus Points399
Manual FocusYes
Screen typeArticulated LCD Tilting
Screen size3.0″
Screen resolution1,440,000 dots
Viewfinder type Electronic Quad VGA Oled
Viewfinder resolution 3,686,400 dots
Viewfinder magnification 0.78x
Shutter type Electronically controlled vertical-travel focal
Shutter speedMin 30
Max 1/8000
Continuous drive10. fps
Video Resolution4K – 30/25/24p
Full HD 120/100/60/50/30/25/24p
Video format MPEG-4, H.264, XAVC S, AVCHD
Storage type Dual SD/SDHC/SDXC UHC II on Slot 1
External FlashYes
Sync Speed1/250
Exposure Compensation+/-5 at 1/3 EV, steps
AE Bracketing+/- 5 (3,5 frames at 1/3 EV, 1/2 EV, 2/3 EV, 1 EV, 2 EV steps
WB BracketingYes
Log Gamma S-Log2, S-Log3
ConnectivityUSB 3.1 Gen1/5GBit/sec
Microphone port
Headphone port
Wireles Transmitter802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz
Build in BluetoothYes
Battery Life650 shoots
Dimensions127 x 96 x 74mm

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