Nikon Z7 II Best Mirrorless Camera

the Nikon Z7 II is actually quite improved over its predecessor it gets 4k 60 recording with a fairly minor crop.


the grip on Z7 II is great a lot of the buttons feel good but unfortunately we still just have one axis tilting screen here and the buttons in the front here they’re a little squishy.

Screen Type

Z7 II features Articulated LCD Touchscreenwhen it has a 3.69 million EVF it has an excellent 2.1 million dot LCD panel.


the Z7 II the new model features a backside illuminated 45.7megapixel CMOS sensor, has a dual x-speed 6 image processor increasing its max frames per second from 9 to 10 and its buffer storage is 3.3 times faster than the original storage bringing the total of shots up to 77 raw files when shooting in continuous extended release mode

the Nikon Z7 II has an old sensor found in the Nikon D850 and the Z7 is coming with the lowest 64 native ISO which means you get an incredibly good dynamic range a great low light performance out of the sensor if you’re a landscape photographer.

the Z7 II has a wireless tether feature that allows you to transmit images directly to a mac or pc without the need of any third-party software it’s not fast as a cable transmitting high-resolution raw files but its a great feature to have when a cable isn’t working.

Z7 II Specs

  • USB Charging
  • External Mic Jack
Nikon Z7 II


  • Focus Peaking
  • Time Lapse Rec
  • Weather sealed body
  • Smartphone remote
  • up to 900 second exposures
  • Raw support


  • No on board flash
  • No PC Sync
  • No Build in Flash
  • No NFC
  • No GPS

Video Features

the Z7 II shares many of the video-centric improvements with the Z6 II 4k ultra HD is now expanded up to 60fps allowing for slow motion video and ultra high resolution in its base setting.

the camera records 8-bit color internally for immediate use if you’re looking to manipulate the image in post-production and have deeper control over your image there is a 10-bit color option with the end lock.

the Z7 II can utilize end login the new hdr or hlg output mode for more range in your footage once again to access the 10-bit end login hdr modes you’ll have to output to an external recorder via the HDMI pushing even further.

the Z7 II can output a 12-bit prores raw file a Blackmagic raw output option is available on the physical side the size weight and feel of the Z7 II is near identical to that of the Z7.


When it comes to Autofocus in single point AF there are 493 on-sensor focus points providing 90 coverage of the frame autofocus improvements include the addition of improved face and eye detection for humans and animals in wide-area AF mode allowing you to isolate a smaller portion of the frame this feature is also available in movie recording mode.

A new addition to the Z7 II is eye detect AF in wide-area AF mode when you select this mode will relegate the face and eye detect to work within the bounds of the box rather than the entire frame.

This is really helpful with composition and narrowing the area that the camera needs to search coupled with low light AF focusing down to negative 3ev you can now focus on subjects in darker environments than you could with the previous version Z7.

the Z7 II latest firmware update dramatically improves the eye detect autofocus and the dual processors give good lowlight performance.

the tracking autofocus sometimes loses subjects where you must switch back and forth between multiple modes in the right situation.

the Z7 II gains a second XB 6 processor with most of the performance and highlights improvements.


the Z7 II can achieve a native iso as low as 64 one of the main advantages of shooting at such a low iso is the ability to shoot at wide apertures in bright daylight or during flash photography without overexposing the highlights in your image on the high iso side

In terms of ISO, it ranges from 64 to 25600 and can be expanded from low 1032 ISO equivalent up to high 2.0 which is 102 400 equivalent.


the Z7 II also features 5-axis and body stabilization when you’re using Nikkor z lenses and 3-axis in-body stabilization when f-mount lenses are used in every image.

Battery Life

the Z7 II has a capacity of 400 shots off the back panel and 330 off the EVF basically the same as the Panasonic S1R the difference here is the battery on Z7 II is smaller it brings an E-L15C battery.

Nikon Z7 II Price

the Nikon Z7 II being the most recent is an excellent price point at $3,000 at B&H Photo so Nikon trying to keep this price lower which you got a versatile platform at a very good price.

Nikon Z7 II Firmware 1.4.0 AF Improvements

  • Focuses more readily on the subject in the center of the frame if it fails to detect face, eyes, or subject when auto AF is selected
  • Memory recall has been altered so that regardless of the focus mode selected the focus position chosen via autofocus does not change if the shutter release button is pressed halfway while memory recall is in effect.

Nikon Z6 II Firmware 1.4.0 Photography

  • the camera would sometimes fail to focus on the subject in the focus area in pictures taken immediately after the battery was inserted.
  • Reactivating the standby timer in the user settings mode U1, U2, U3 would cause the shutter speed to change if the stored value was slower than 30sec.

Nikon Z6 II Firmware 1.4.0 Video Improvements

  • Jitter would occur in movies recorded while the footage was being output to an HDMI device with 3840 x 2160:60p or 3840 x 2160: 50pselected for frame size/frame rate in the movie shooting menu.
  • the movie record button would not function with certain gimbals while the video was being recorded to an external device via HDMI with 3840 x 2160; 30p, 3840 x 2160; 25p, 3840 x 2160; 24p selected for frame size/frame rate in the movie shooting menu and 10bit selected for Advanced output data depth in the setup menu.


  • On Sensor Phase Detect
  • Long exposures seconds
  • Bulb shutter
  • Raw support
  • Webcam
  • Environment sealed
  • Vertical Battery Grip Support
  • Eye Detect in photo and video
  • Autofocus modes 11
  • Orientation sensor
  • Memory card door easy to open


  • No Panorama
  • No internal flash
  • No tilt-swivel screen
  • Drive mode will not save in custom modes


the Nikon Z7 II is just a fantastic camera it’s a good price point well-designed body the image quality is solid it does have some interesting video capabilities.

So, if you are a Nikon DSLR user and you’re waiting to move to mirrorless Z7 II does make a very choice to get the lowest price point and get a great camera.

Nikon Z7 II

Release Date October 14, 2020
Body TypeMirrorless Camera
Lens Mount Nikon Z
Sensor TypeFull Frame BSI – CMOS
Sensor Size35.9 x 23.9 mm
Sensor Resolution8256 x 5504
Sensor Pixels46 mp
Focal Length Multiplier1x
Color Filter ArrayPrimary Color Filter
ISO Auto 64-25,600
Expanded to 32-102,400
Image stabilizationin body stabilization 5 axis 5.0 stops
Processor Dual Expeed 6
Video formatMPEG-4  H.264
Video Resolution4k/60p
Viewfinder TypeElectronic Oled
Viewfinder Resolution3690k dots
Viewfinder Magnification0.8x
Viewfinder Coverage100%
Screen TypeArticulated LCD Touchscreen
Screen Size3.2 inch
Screen Resolution2100k dots
Sync Speed 1/200 sec
Focus TypeHybrid
Focus Points493
Manual FocusYes
Shutter TypeElectronic controlled vertical traverse focal plane 
Shutter SpeedMin 900 sec
Max 1/8000/s
Continuous Shooting10fps
Storage TypeCF Express XQD or UHS-II Type B
External Flash Hotshoe
Battery Type EN-EL 15c
Battery Life CIPA
420 shoots
Exposure Compensation+/-5 at 1/3 EV, 1/2 EV steps
AE BracketingYes
WB BracketingYes
Log GammaN-Log
ConnectivityUSB 3.2 Gen1 5GBit
Wireless Transmitter802.11b/g/n/ac 5GHz
Build in BluetoothYes
Dimensions134 x101 x 70mm

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