Fujifilm X-T5 vs X-T4 Is X-T5 Better for Photography

In today’s review, I’m going to compare the Fujifilm X-T5 vs X-T4 and see if it’s worth the upgrade for photography.

the X-T5 takes a lot of Technology from the Fujifilm X-H2 and adapts it to the  XT line of bodies, the X-T4 was a step up from its predeticors of the time.

The X-T4 also combined the classic stylings for video features, like the flip out screen and as well as specifically video technology that makes it very useful for videography.

Overall, the X-T5 has some very interesting features technologically like the sensor is able to reach 40 megapixels and being able to extend that even further using a sensor.

If you are a Fujifilm photographer looking to decide between should you get the new X-H2 or the new Fujifilm X-T5, or if you should just stick with the Fujifilm X-T4.

What Are Differences Between Fujifilm X-T5 vs X-T4?

the differences between X-T5 and X-T4 is the basic specs have improved significantly, the autofocus speed has also increased accordingly, and the biggest difference is subject detection.

there are a couple of changes that make a pretty big difference at first glance there are differences in size but the X-T5 is definitely smaller it’s lighter and more compact than the X-T4, and the grip on the X-T5 feels a lot more sturdier and a lot more grippier.

What Are Similarities Between X-T5 and X-T4?

When we compare those cameras X-T5 is compact, and lightweight, it has the same image quality for stills like X-T4, and they have the same ports as well, the X-T5 features the same 15 fps continuous shooting speeds as the X-T4.

So, both cameras have the same dedicated shutter speed, ISO, and aperture dials all back, the X-T5 looks pretty much exactly the same as the X-T4 the most apparent design is probably that defined crease where the EVF block begins which was a flat design on the X-T4, everywhere else button and layouts are the same although one physical aspect that’s not the same is actually the size versus the X-T4.


Fujifilm X T5 Body
X-T5 Body

When it comes to design they have the same analog dial format as you do in the X-T4, you’ve got an exposure compensation dial, you’ve got a shutter speed dial, and you’ve got an ISO dial on the back.

the design is basically the same you’ve got all your menu buttons, you’ve got your joystick, and you’ve got your adjustment dials on the top for both cameras.

Fujifilm X T4 Body
X-T4 Body

In terms of the adjustment wheels on the X-T5 you do have the ability to program them through push or scroll.


Fujifilm X-T5 Articulating Screen-1
X-T5 Screen

the X-T5 comes out with the three-axis LCD screen which was similar to the previous X-T3 line and it’s really good for shooting photos so, Fujifilm has backtracked from the flip screen design on the X-T4 back to the tilting design on the X-T5 just like it was on the X-T3.

The X-T4 features a 3.0-inch tilting LCD touchscreen with a resolution of 1.62 million dots. The touchscreen functionality allows for easy focus selection and menu navigation. The screen also features a high-contrast, high-brightness mode, which is particularly useful for outdoor shooting.

Fujifilm X-T4 Screen
X-T4 Screen

In addition to the tilting LCD touchscreen, the X-T4 also features a high-resolution electronic viewfinder (EVF) with 3.69 million dots of resolution. The EVF is particularly useful for shooting in bright sunlight when the LCD screen can be difficult to see. The X-T4’s EVF also offers a fast refresh rate of 100 frames per second, which makes it smoother and more responsive than many other EVFs on the market.

Overall, the X-T4’s screen features are impressive, offering both a tilting LCD touchscreen and a high-resolution EVF.


Fujifilm X-T5 Sensor
X-T5 Sensor

When it comes to resolution as the Fujifilm X-T5 Sports a brand new sensor found in the Fujifilm X-H2 and has 40.2 megapixel base size CMOS sensor paired with the X processor 5 which is going to give you faster readout times and the ability to process data a lot quicker whereas the X-T4 features a 26.1 megapixel sensor.

Video Capabilities

Fujifilm X T5 Video Cpabilities
X-T5 Video Settings

the X-T5 has the ability to record up to 6.2K at 30 fps and 4K oversampling when you are recording in the oversampling OR in 6K it will crop in a little bit outside of 6.2K you do have 4K up to 60fps which is similar to the X-T4 you also have full HD up to 240fps for super slow-motion shots and all the samples.


In terms of the viewfinder, both share a similar 3.7 million dots EVF but the X-T4 has a complete flip out screen for 180 degrees you can use this if you are a video person and you need to have the camera set up on a tripod.

Fujifilm X T5 Viewfinder
X-T5 Viewfinder

So, in comparison, the X-T5 screen has gone back to an old design from the Fujifilm X-T3 and that is the tilt screen one of the biggest benefits of having a tilt screen is it’s definitely more durable than the flip out screen.

Fujifilm X T4 Viewfinder
X-T4 Viewfinder

It also gives you a little bit more flexibility if you’re shooting in portraits so the tilt screen you can pull out towards you 45 degrees and you can also pull out towards you in portrait orientation as well.

X-T5 actually has the same type of resolution and frames per second as the X-T4’s viewfinder, except that it has an improved magnification.


Fujifilm X T5 EVF

the X-T5 EVF is the same as the X-T4 and you are getting a boost in megapixels and the autofocus is going to be better than X-T4.


Fujifilm X T5 Shutter 1
X-T5 Shutter

As far as the shutter the X-T5 features 1/8000 mechanical shutter with the same 15 fps mechanical shutter kind of capability but it is improved at a 500,000 cycle durability.


When we compare both cameras at high ISO we have a clear winner there’s not much noise even on the X-T4 and on the X-T5 I would say that it’s a bit smoother compared to the X-T4 and overall there is very little noise but when we compare at 1600 ISO you will notice less noise than on the X-T4.

But when you move to 12800 you start seeing both sensors presenting quite a lot of noise rate if you look at the transition the X-T4 and the X-T5 both have quite a bit of noise.

So the transition is better handled on the X-T5 compared to the X-T4 so we have 40 megapixels compared to 26.2 you will have more noise within the sensor because the pixels are smaller for the same type of sensor basically and the X-T4 has way less artifacts.


the Fujifilm X-T4 had some trouble tracking the subject if it is too far from the camera it only detected the subject in the zone tracking area after a few shots and the eye tracking feature kicked off even later than that.

In terms of tracking the Fujifilm X-T5 tracks the subject from the beginning to the end, the Fujifilm X-T4 has about a 60-hit rate while the Fujifilm X-T5 has an 80-hit rate when testing.

the X-T5 is able to recognize and track the subject even if the subject is not looking at your camera the X-T4 however as soon as the subject starts turning around will just stop the tracking.

So, the X-T5 definitely outclasses the X-T4 in tracking the X-T5 comes with a hit rate of 65 percent compared to the 44 hit rate of the X-T4 so there is a huge improvement in heat rate compared to the X-T5 and the X-T4.


When we compare the noise performance on both X-T5 has 8 axis in body image stabilization which is similar to the X-T4 giving you up to 7 stops of image stabilization.


In terms of highlights and the shadows of pictures, they are both exposed by about 4 stops so if you decrease the exposure by 4 stops there is quite a lot of details that are recovered in both images.

So, there is not a huge amount of difference in terms of highlight recovery between the X-T4 and the X-T5 but the X-T5 recovers slightly a slight amount of data compared to X-T4 its the same amount of highlights so, it’s like a tiny difference a little bit more on the X-T5 compared to the X-T4.


In terms of the Shadows, a good amount of information is recovered on both the X-T5 and the X-T4 but the only issue is that on the X-T5 there is artifacts that appear so if you’re trying to recover black that might be a problem that you may encounter.

So, it seems like the X-T5 is a little bit more highlight recovery but in terms of Shadow while you can recover as much you will have more artifacts in it so that’s something to keep in mind.

Weight and Size

So, the length and the width of the X-T5 is equivalent to the X-T1, smaller than the X-T3, and smaller than the X-T4.

And the overall weight of the X-T5 is actually 50 grams lighter than the X-T4 despite it still having that IBIS unit, it has the same grip from the XT4.

the X-T5 is ever so slightly less wide so it’s actually smaller and more compact which also means it weighs slightly less than the X-T4.


Fujifilm X T5 Dual Slots
X-T5 Dual Slots

In terms of memory, both cameras have a dual SD card slot which gives you the ability to do a rollover if your card runs out of storage or you can use it as a backup.

Fujifilm X T4 Dual Slots
X-T4 Dual Slots


In terms of battery both feature the same battery so if you’re upgrading from the X-T4 to the X-T5 you can utilize your NP-W235 battery in the X-T5 as a spare battery.

Fujifilm X T4 Ports 1
Both Use Same Battery

So, on the X-T4 you have the ability to attach a battery grip onto it to give you longer battery life but also increase performance and shoot using the shutter button on the battery grip as well as the adjustment dials.

And the battery life on the X-T5 is actually better than the X-T4 despite it having the same exact battery at 740 frames that it’s rated at.


In terms of the side ports both cameras are identical you’ve got a remote Port you’ve got a microphone Port you’ve got a mini HDMI port as well as a USB-C port for charging and transfer.

Fujifilm X T5 Ports
X-T5 Ports

If High dynamic range and highlights or Shadows recovery is important for you and if you’re in need of higher resolution the X-T5 is definitely the right camera for you.

Fujifilm X T4 Ports
X-T4 Ports

S0, both the X-T4 and the X-T5 perform pretty well but the xt5 outperformed the X-T4 up to 3200 ISO but the X-T5 has too many artifacts in the shadows.


Fujifilm X T4 Price

When it comes to price currently the X-T5 is going to retail for $1,700 on BH Photo and the X-T4 is going to retail for $1,550 on BH Photo and that’s just a $150 difference you’re better off getting a new X-T5 with that price but if you want to get used X-T4 it will cost you around $1,000 so in that case, that’s quite a big difference from the new X-T5.

Which Camera is Better For Photography X-T5 or X-T4?

When we compare which is better for photography the X-T5 makes a lot of sense with the new sensor it’s going to give you a lot more resolution it’s an upgrade from the X-T3 screens.

But if you’re an X-T4 shooter and you do a lot of videography you can go towards the X-H2s instead as a full hybrid camera or definitely take Fujifilm gfx 50s II with a 50megapixels sensor.

But if you want a lighter camera then take the X-T5 because the body is definitely lighter and a lot smaller compared to the X-T4 the grip is a bit deeper.

It’s going to be better for bigger lenses and if you like having a heavier body the X-T4 is an excellent camera so if you’re an X-T3 shooter and feel like that 40megapixel is going to help your photography this is going to be an excellent camera in terms of stills.

Why You Should Buy X-T5?

It allows you to take advantage of either the 40-megapixel sensor or the pixel shift technology with its potential 160 megapixels but you’re going to need more storage regarding high ISO performance.

the X-T5 has a slightly better dynamic range and allows you to recover more information it has the extra resolution of the X-T5 because it’s really useful in terms of product or landscape photography

Why You Should Buy X-T4?

So, X-T4 is better in terms of dynamic range, also in terms of stills, the X-T4 wins with a burst rate that’s somewhere where the X-T5 because it’s a dual SD card slot it’s really going to slow down when you have a fast shooting.

Where X-T5 Wins Over X-T4?

the X-T5 definitely has a much better door design that just flicks out and stays open which makes it a lot easier to access than a flimsy door design in the X-T4.

So, with the X-T4 although you miss out on the battery grip attachment you do get a plethora of upgrades that make the X-T5 a really great camera for photography.

Where X-T4 Wins Over X-T5?

the X-T4 wins with burst rate its closest to the X-T5 because it’s a dual SD card slot it’s really going to slow down when you have fast shooting and another issue is going to be that rolling shutter if you’re shooting sports.


So, because you know everything about Fujifilm X-T5 vs X-T4 the X-T5 is definitely an upgrade when it comes to the autofocus, when it comes to image quality it’s about whether or not you need the resolution the faster autofocus, and if you prefer the fully articulated screen or the three-way tilt screen.

Fujifilm X-T5 Body

Fujifilm X-T4

Release Date2 November 202228 April 2020
Body TypeSLR Style MirrorlessSLR Style Mirrorless
Lens MountFujifilm X MountFujifilm X Mount
Crop Factor1.5x1.5x
Sensor TypeBSI X-Trans CMOS 5 HR X-Trans CMOS 4
Sensor Size23.5 x 15.7mm23.5 x 15.6mm
Sensor Resolution7728 x 51526240 x 4160
Sensor Pixels40.226
ProcessorX Processor 5X Processor 4
Image Stabilization5 Axis 7.0 stops5 Axis 6.5 stops
Viewfinder typeOled ElectronicOled Electronic
Viewfinder Resolution3.69 Milion Dots3.69 Milion Dots
Screen TypeTilt Type TouchFully Articulate Touch
Screen Size3.0″3.0″
Screen Resolution1.84 million dots1.62 million dots
Autofocus TypeIntelligent Hybrid AFIntelligent Hybrid AF
Focus Points425425
Manual FocusYesYes
TrackingFace, Animal/Bird
Human, Faces, Subject Tracking
14bit raw, tiff 8/16bit rgb
Image Bitrate1414
Continuous ShootingMechanical 15fps
Electronic 20fps
Mechanical 15fps
Electronic 20fps
Shutter TypeMechanical
Shutter Speed30-1/8000
Sync Speed1/2501/250
Build in FlashNONO
Exposure Compensation+/- 5 EV 1/3+/- 5 EV 1/3 EV
Extended 64-51200
Extended 80-51200
Log ProfileF-Log2F-Log
Dynamic Range13+ stops14 stops
Video FormatMOV, MP4MOV, MP4
Video CompressionMPEG4 AVC H.264, HEVC, H.265MPEG4 AVC H.264, HEVC, H.265
Video Resolution6.2k up to 30p
DCI 4K & 4K up to 60p
DCI 2k & FHD up to 240p
4K DCI & UHD up to 60p
FHD up to 240p
Audio FormatLPCM stereo 48 kHz 24bit AACLPCM stereo 48 kHz 24bit AAC
Type C USB
Type C USB
Build in BluetoothYesYes
Build in WI-FIYesYes
Battery TypeNP W235NP W235
Battery Life740 shoots360 shoots
Water Dust ResistantYesYes
Self timer10sec10sec
Silent ShootingYesYes
Dimensions130 x 91 x 64mm134.6 x 92.8 x 63.8mm

Which Camera You Should Buy X-T5 or X-T4?

the X-T5 basically has everything you need with improved autofocus and an improved sensor you’re going to get high-res photos you get faster photos you’re going to get more reliable autofocus.

So, if you shoot wildlife sports or just quick shooter the xt4 or even like the xh2s is going to be the better bet.


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