Fujifilm X-T5 Is a Great For Photography

the Fujifilm X-T5 finally been announced I would like to introduce how it has evolved, if you are thinking about purchasing I would like to introduce what has actually changed from the X-T4 and what has evolved.

When we talk about X-T5 it has excellent sharpness even with stop down 1,2, also in the peripheral areas and the optics can get very close, it has a different entry-level limit than that of the first generation which is really great.

the X-T5 is a wonderful camera in terms of video technology, focus sensor, and the autofocus system is abstruse, when taking photos the focus was just right to recognize the eye in comparison with the previous version X-T4 it ​​would never have done that never on the subject of autofocus and speed of the X-T5.

X-T5 features 40 megapixels sensor, a lower ISO, and 125 kinds of dynamic range, the X-T5 also has a 160-megapixel shift capability, and it also gets the improved electronic shutter from the X-H2, which is 1/180,000th of a second.

It’s capable of 15 frames per second in the mechanical shutter, 20 mechanicals, has a pixel shift mode capable of producing 160-megapixel images, features up to 7 stops of internal body stabilization or IBIS, 6.2K 30p 10-bit 4:2:2 video features up to 13 stops of dynamic range with F-log2.

The X-T5 features the incredibly fast X-Processor 5 it has a 15 fps mechanical or 20fps blackout-free electronic shutter, it has simulation modes 10-bit HEIF stills, and it also features 160MP pixel shift mode.


Fujifilm X-T5 Body

On the other hand, the XT5 has three fairly large buttons, and they are attached to the top of the camera, so the dial is analog whereas the X-T4 dial is large, and the operability is very intuitive. The body is weather resistant so you would be able to withstand a bit of rain without worrying.

Fujifilm X T5 Body


The X-T5 features a 40.2megapixel sensor, a backside illuminated or BSI X-Trans CMOS 5 HR 40-megapixel sensor, and the super-fast X-Processor 5, found in the X-H2S and in the X-H2.

The biggest change is the 5th generation sensor and engine the X-T4 has 26.1 million pixels whereas the X-T5 has 40.2 million pixels, so Fuji put a new sensor and engine of the camera.

The X-T5 features the same sensor shift mode found in the X-H2, this Pixel Shift Multi-Shot mode by taking 20 individual images, shifting the sensor by 0.5 pixels between each frame.

This feature utilizes the camera’s IBIS system to precisely shift the sensor, automatically recording 20 separate frames with one press of the shutter release.

Resulting files are combined using Pixel Shift Combiner software to quadruple the camera’s resolution and produce a detail-rich,160-megapixel file.

Fujifilm X-T5 Sensor

X-T5 features f-lock 2.4K 60p C 6.2K 30p full HD 240p there is a 1.23 times crop whenever you’re reading out 6.2K from the sensor and that includes the 4K HQ modes with no internal prores but you can do external 6.2K 30p prores raw or Blackmagic Raw albeit through a micro HDMI port.


Fujifilm X T5 Tracking

When it comes to Autofocus with the X-T5 autofocus follows the target object, such as an animal, a bird, or a car. The speed and accuracy of the autofocus is increasing, and the camera shake correction is said to be 7 steps.

Fujifilm X-T5 Focus

The tracking is superb, and the dedicated modes work really well with autofocus, tracking, and eye AF, animal AF, all work in stills and video.

Fujifilm X-T5 Tracking


Fujifilm X T5 Articulating Screen

The X-T4 has a vari-angle LCD, so when you take a selfie, the LCD is facing you right now. You can turn it upside down and look at it, but the X-T5 has abolished the vari-angle and replaced it with a 3-square liquid crystal.

Fujifilm X T5 Articulating Screen 1

Fujifilm X T5 LCD Screen 1

You can point it downwards, but it doesn’t have a vari-angle like the X-T4 so you can’t use it to point the LCD at yourself when taking selfies.

Video features

  • 6.2K bis 30p
  • 4K bis 60p
  • 4K HQ bis 30p 6.2K OS
  • 4K DCI bis 60p
  • 4K HQ DCI bis 30p 6.2K OS
  • FHD bis 240p
  • 4:2:2 Color Sampling
  • 10 bit internal

In terms of video, this is still a very very capable video camera it also features 240p Full HD slow-motion recording as well. This is just like the X-H2, but significantly less than the 4k 240p you’ll find on the X-H2S.

X-T5 also features a red frame when recording and IS boost in video mode which takes the already impressive image stabilization and digitally enhances it for even more stable video footage. For stills and video, there are up to 7 stops of 5 axis In-body image stabilization.

the xt5 has the same capability of videos 6.2K/30p 4K/60p like X-H2 but does not allow for 8K videos. On the other hand with the X-T5 you can also produce 160megapixel pictures using the pixel shift technology.

For video, the X-T5 has up to 6.2K/30p, you’ve still got a very impressive 6.2K in 4:2:2 10-bit colour, plus there’s a 4K HQ mode which oversamples 6.2K footage for superior 4K output.

It features both f-log and f-log2, which provides a more dynamic range of around 13 stops. On the other hand, if you want to record with a suitable Atomos or Blackmagic external device, doing so will unlock 12-bit Apple ProRes RAW and Blackmagic RAW too.

Fujifilm X T5 Body 1


the X-T5 has a brand new base ISO of 125 up to 12 800 so this is going to give you a little bit more flexibility especially during bright scenarios that you can bump it down to ISO 125.

Fujifilm X T5 Ports

Why You Should Buy X-T5?

the reason to buy the xt5 is due to its ergonomics and its way of operation even though it might not be for everyone and those of you new to Fujifilm you might find the transition a little tricky but for fans of the system for those of you who have grown to love having a shutter dial an ISO dial a non-articulating screen this camera is for you.

Fujifilm X-T5 Body

Release Date2 November 2022
Body TypeSLR Style Mirrorless
Lens MountFujifilm X Mount
Crop Factor1.5x
Sensor TypeBSI X-Trans CMOS 5 HR
Sensor Size23.5 x 15.7mm
Sensor Resolution7728 x 5152
Sensor Pixels42
ProcessorX Processor 5
Image Stabilization5 Axis 7.0 stops
Viewfinder typeOled Electronic
Viewfinder Resolution3.69 Milion Dots
Screen TypeTilt Type Touch
Screen Size3.0″
Screen Resolution1.84 million dots
Autofocus TypeIntelligent Hybrid AF
Focus Points425
Manual FocusYes
Image Bitrate14 bit
Continuous ShootingMechanical 15fps
Electronic 20fps
Shutter TypeMechanical
Shutter Speed30-1/8000
Sync Speed1/250
Build in FlashNO
Exposure Compensation+/- 5 EV 1/3
Self Timer10sec
Extended 64-51200
Log ProfileF-Log2
Dynamic Range13+ stops
Video FormatMOV, MP4
Video CompressionMPEG4 AVC H.264, HEVC, H.265
Video Resolution6.2k up to 30p
DCI 4K & 4K up to 60p
DCI 2k & FHD up to 240p
Audio FormatLPCM stereo 48 kHz 24bit AAC
Build in BluetoothYes
Build in WI-FIYes
Battery TypeNP W235
Battery Life740 shoots
Water/Dust ResistanceYes
Dimensions130 x 91 x 64mm

Is Fujifilm X-T5 A Great Camera for Photography?

the Fujifilm X-T5 is positioned as a photography-first camera with dedicated dials on the top and a three-way tilt screen that has also great video capabilities up to 6K.

X-T5 uses an older version of the EVF and removes the CF Express slot and if you are not in Need for the AK or the 4K 120 FPS X-T5 is the right camera for you.


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