Fujifilm X-H2S The Most Powerful APS-C Camera


Fujifilm X H2S Body 2

When it comes to ergonomics the X-H2s uses spasm dials with a digital display for your setting and several custom position on that pattern dials for you to set up your camera the way you want.


Fujifilm X H2S Sensor

the X-H2s which stands for Speed ( S ) is a stacked 5th generation 26.1 megapixel sensor this sensor allows for 4K 120 FPS 6.2K 30p internal prores 42 HQ and also supports Blackmagic and prores externally through HDMI.

Video Features

the Fujifilm xh2s records 6.2K open gate in a three-by-two aspect ratio it can shoot 16 or 17 by 9 for YouTube and crop into like Sony A9 by 16 for the shorts content.

So, one main point the Fujifilm xh2s has the ability to record Blackmagic raw with the video assist 12g.


when it comes to shooting Stills with the electronic shutter the xh2s focuses on speed with an improved frame rate for Stills and videos and a CF Express slot to accommodate for that.

Fujifilm X H2S SD Card
Fujifilm X H2S Ports
Fujifilm X H2S With Fun
Fuji X-H2S with fan
Fujifilm X H2S Body 1
Fujifilm X H2S Body
Fujifilm X H2S charging battery with usb
Fujifilm X H2S LCD 1
Fujifilm X H2S LCD
Fujifilm X H2S Battery


  • 40 FPS Electronic Shutter
  • AF Locked
  • Lossless Compressed Raw
  • 1530 MB/sec Max Write CFexpress B
  • 180 shots at 40 fps / 100 shoots at 20 fps
  • F log 2 Read Out 11.5 milliseconds
  • F Log Film Sim Read Out 6.2 millisecond
  • 6.2K/30P – 4K/120P – 1080/240P / 4:2:2 10-bit up to 720Mbps


  • Weather sealed to ensure continued high performance even in inclement weather
  • Operating Temperature between -10°C – +40°C
  • Improved High Sensitivity Quality with less noise
  • Faster Readout speed for enhanced performance 3.6x faster than X-T4
  • 2.16m PDAF Sensors with 100% coverage 117/425 User selectable focus points
  • High capacity buffer for extended continuous shooting JPG/RAW: 15fps
  • Blackout free high speed continuous shooting of up to 40fps with no crop
  • New Focus system with Subject Detection Animals, Birds, Cars, Motorbikes & Bicycles, Planes, Trains

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