Fujifilm X-H2 Best Hybrid Camera Ever Made

The X-H2 is the world’s first 40-megapixel APS-C hybrid camera designed to produce impressive stills and professional video and is aimed at professional and enthusiast photographers and content creators.

X-H2 features a backside illuminated or BSI  X-Trans CMOS 5 HR sensor and the lightning-fast X-Processor 5, found in the X-H2S.

It’s capable of 15 frames per second in the mechanical shutter, has a pixel shift mode capable of producing 160-megapixel images, features up to 7 stops of internal body stabilization or IBIS, EIGHT K /30p 10-bit video in Apple  ProRes, ProResHQ, and ProRes LT and features up to 13 stops of dynamic range with F-log2.

the X-H2 has a new feature called the Digital Teleconverter option which allows you to digitally apply a 2x or 1.4x teleconverter to the lenses you’re using.

X-H2 comes with the ability of 8k video recording with one advantage 8k prores internet recording this is also one of the cheapest 8k solution in market today.

I assume this crops into the sensor and makes use of the massive 40 megapixels, when shooting 8K video, you can use the 2x crop mode to shoot 4K and double your lens length.


The X-H2 just like X-H2s shares the same body, button layout, and menu design. In terms of ergonomics, X-H2 is very lightweight and comfortable to hold even on long shooting days.

The main menu is easy to use and allows lots of customization of your settings. The Q menu is simple to navigate and useful for quickly changing settings.

Image Quality

X-H2 handles the same way as the X-H2S  and the body is identical, the images it produces with the 40MP sensor are just gorgeous.


the X-H2 features a 5th generation 40megapixel X-Tran sensor that allows for ak-30p 6.2 K 30p 4K 60 and up to 160megapixel Steels using the pixel shift technology.

It is also important to notice that the new sensor will have a base ISO of 125 instead of the 160 that you can see in the previous generation sensors also like the X-H2s, the X-H2 does not support prores internally but supports prores and Blackmagic codec externally using HDMI.

Fujifilm X-H2 sensor

the X-H2 is built with the brand new 40 megapixel x-trans CMOS 5 hr sensor, giving it unparalleled image quality.

X-H2 features a well-recognized image recording and thanks to the new processor this camera can use the sensor record an impressive 40 fps with the electronic shutter without crop and blackout.

In addition to its new processor and enhanced image quality algorithms, you get an incredible amount of resolution with a very low signal-to-noise ratio even when shooting in low light.

It has a brand new pixel structure that’s even more efficient when capturing that light with a native sensitivity of ISO 125 compared to the X-H2s which has a native ISO of 160 just like the X-T4 and the Fujifilm X-T3.

the X-H2s is built for speed it has a brand new 26-megapixel fifth generation x-trans CMOS 5 hs sensor which allows for unrivaled read speeds which means four times faster than what was found on the Fujifilm X-T4.

this gives you capabilities for 40 frames a second of blackout-free shooting over a thousand consecutive high-speed frames at 30 frames a second, with high-speed autofocus performance when tracking moving subjects.

The X-H2 features a new sensor shift mode, found in GFX series medium format cameras. This Pixel Shift Multi-Shot mode can be accessed via the drive menu on the top left of the camera. It works by taking 20 individual images, shifting the sensor by 0.5 pixels between each frame. this will automatically be combined into one RAW file.

the X-H2 sensor may not match the readout speed of the S version but it’ll still shoot 15 fps burst at the full resolution using the mechanical shutter or up to 20 fps with the electronic shutter only or be incurring a 1.29 times crop


They both share the same ISO sensitivity, up to  51,200 for stills or 12,800 for video but the X-H2 performs a little better in low light than the X-H2S.

Video Features

So, X-H2 features up to 20 fps pixel shift multi shot combine them into 160 megapixels 8k video up to 30p 4k video up to 60p Full HD 240p f lock 2 proress internet recording up to 8k 30p proress raw and Blackmagic raw external recording up to 8k 30p.

X-H2 can shoot 4k video at 60p without cropping, it can shoot 4k video at high speed which means incredible high performance and high-quality videos in slow motion.

Shutter Type

When it comes to the shutter when using the mechanical shutter it is still 15 fps and mechanically the X-H2 can also take M15 pictures with its hearing-resolving sensor.

the X-H2 can use the electronic shutter in quotes will only ensure a very 20fps capture at shutter speed so the new X-H2 improves the fastest shutter speed for the electronic shutter by 2.5 stops from the x-H2s’ 32,000 seconds to a 180.000 seconds.

And this then makes it possible to leave the aperture wide open in very bright light conditions or to capture fractions of a second of movement.

the X-H2 also has a maximum electronic shutter speed of 180 000 of a second, topping out at 1/32 000 of a second just like all the models going all the way back to the X-T.

the X-H2 also has a new feature called pixel shift multi-shot where the camera stabilization system shifts the sensor by one pixel over a series of 20 frames.

It combines all those captures into one 160-megabyte final image with the maximum amount of clarity, resolution, and sharpness, and color accuracy possible from the sensor.

Fujifilm X H2 Touch Screen
Fujifilm X H2 Battery
Fujifilm X H2 Dual Card Slots
Fujifilm X H2 Ports
Fujifilm x h2 pull up style diopter
pull up style diopter
Fujifilm X H2 USB Port
Fujifilm X H2 Card Slot
Fujifilm X H2 Screen


  • there is no open gate capture on the X-H2

Why you should buy X-H2?

So, if you need 8K, you are better off with the X-H2 so if 6K is sufficient you should rather use the X-H2s so you are looking for speed and have to do with wild animals and sports X-H2s with the stack sensor is right for you.


the X-H2 with its high resolution in both 8k and 40megapixel photos and its stack sensor provides excellent radar speed for sport and wildlife photography outstanding rolling shutter of 4k 120p 6.2k.


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