Canon EOS R7 Is the Right Camera For You

If you are considering buying a new camera this is my review of Canon EOS R7 Specs if you still thinking about what camera should you buy maybe entry-level or you should buy the EOS R7.

So, absolutely this APS-C camera is great for video, the ergonomics is solid. The image quality looks amazing and you get top-end pro level autofocus and customization.

It’s one of the fastest cameras around at 15 frames per second mechanical and 30 frames per second electronic.

Canon R7 just like its predecessors has good and bad features so many people are talking about this newest version so I will share the pros and cons of this newest camera.

If you are interested in this camera of its performance for wildlife sports portraits and video the R7 is a completely new line for canon it really feels more like the Canon 7D series or more like Canon 90D and Canon R6 it uses canon’s new RF mount and RF lenses.

So if you are a beginner in wildlife photography with EOS R7 you can realize how important is to have a camera that can react as fast as you can imagine.

So, you can shoot full redundancy with EOS R7 this camera might be the perfect entry-level camera for you as a second body like the EOS R6 or the Canon R5.

EOS R7 has a new auto-level feature where if your camera is slightly tilted it’s gonna correct that in the camera and then there’s a pre-shooting raw burst mode. I think this is fair enough to start let’s jump on the main features.


  • Weather Sealing
  • New Vertical Dial
  • Human, Vehicle, Animal & Birds Eye detection
  • New Vertical Dial
  • RF-S Designed for APS-C Cameras


  • No Build in Flash
  • No WB Bracketing
  • No Popup Flash

Canon R7 Body

The EOS R7 camera body is small but the grip is large it reminds of the Canon R5 body. R7 has dual UHS 2 memory card slots, a flipping screen, and an ibis button, the layout is completely changed.

Canon EOS R7 Dials

R7 has a fully articulating vary angle LCD screen on the left side of the camera is a microphone input, and also has an HDMI and USB. Also, have a remote shutter release on the bottom there is audio out for headphones.

Canon added a new wheel and thumb dial which is pretty awesome, pretty accessible, and very easy to use.

There are a lot of buttons, a new joystick configuration a ring around the joystick where you can customize it in the menu, a lock button at the top of the camera, a shutter that blocks the dust from entering the center, etc.

EOS R7 has a headphone port, a mic, an HDMI out, it has a flip screen, and a hot shoe that’s multi-function so you can actually take an audio signal from an interface or certain shotgun mics.

There are two 4k modes there’s a high-quality over-sampled mode and a 4k standard mode using the full sensor it can shoot longer without overheating and you can shoot up to 60 fps in that mode.

If you are located in a country where it’s raining at almost any moment you don’t need to worry because the R7 is more weather sealed than you’re going to get from the R10.


Canon R7 Sensor

the EOS R7 has a 32.5 megapixel sensor and can shoot 30 frames per second capture moments in terms of APS-C sensor size in the Canon EF system the EOS R7 becomes the APS-C flagship and the successor to the Canon 7D Mark II.

Image Quality

When we talk about image quality on the R7 with its 32.5-megapixel APS-C size sensor which means 1.6 times crop I think there is no other crop sensor on the market with this kind of resolution.

Canon R7 Image Quality

So, image quality obviously is pretty high for an APS-C model and this basically is the same resolution as the older Canon 90D but with a brand new sensor.

Image Stabilization

So, the EOS R7 has in body image stabilization, ibis system is amazing even can compare to Sony and Fujifilm, and comes with the newer lp E6-NH battery which has a bit more capacity and you can charge them in the camera which over USB-C.

R7 has a sensor-shift five access image stabilization it also comes with dual UHS-II memory card slots and a multi-function hot shoe with wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

The battery can work with newer cameras like the EOS R5 and the EOS R6 but is also fully compatible with the E6-N batteries from the Canon 90D.


the EOS R7 has the Digi X processor where you get access to one of the most sophisticated subject tracking systems that can identify people animals and vehicles. Also, it sizes up subjects like the Canon R3 and constantly adjusts the size of the box depending on how large the subject is in the viewfinder. It means if they run away, the box is just going to get smaller with them.


the EOS R7 bird IAF is extremely consistent, the tracking is very aggressive and it responded almost instantaneously when you need it to.


The autofocus on EOS R7 has 651 autofocus points combined with the same features from the EOS R3, this is a huge upgrade from the Canon 90D and even better than the EOS R6.

The autofocus on R7 has eye tracking, face tracking head, and body tracking for people and animals, and car tracking.

So, Canon giving us that highly reliable autofocus system for the EOS R5, EOS R6, the Canon 1DX Mark III into the R7, and also the Canon R10.

There is so much customization you can change the object you want to track you can have customizable zones in it you can configure just about anything.

Video Capabilities

EOS R7 has 4k 24, 4k 30 and you also have a 4k 60 and 4k 60 crop, you can do up to 4k 60 10-bit videos in HDR and c log 3.


the viewfinder and the screen they’re solid and good enough for a camera in this price range with tons of customization you actually get in the EOS R7 even every button can be customized to different settings.

Dynamic Range

The dynamic range of the Canon R7 is absolutely insane it can shoot up to 30fps electronic, 15fps mechanical. So, in comparison with Nikon Z9 which can shoot 30fps like R7 but it can’t do it for long it only could do it in a short burst and this is where R7 wins.

the EOS R7 can shoot up to 4K 60p oversampled from 7K so it’s ultra sharp and it could even shoot a cropped 4K.

EOS R7 can record 4k oversampled from the 7K sensor up to 30fps, 4K 60 is available in a standard mode. You can get 120 frames per second at 1080p plus it has c log 3 amazing ibis performance R3 levels of autofocus no 30-minute recording limit and it has far better control over overheating.

You can record about 50 minutes in the oversampled fine mode which is the ultimate quality and pretty much unlimited in that standard mode.


EOS R7 can shoot up to 15 fps in a mechanical shutter and 30 fps in an electronic or silent shutter. So, it’s absolutely a super fast mechanical shutter but also one of the fastest cameras you can get with an electronic shutter.

You can shoot about 30 to 36 images in raw when shooting at the full 15 fps before the buffer fills up so that’s about two to two and a half seconds of shooting. If you’re using the electronic shutter you’re limited to about 30 to 36 images.

you can shoot 4k 60 using the entire width of a sensor, there is a 4k 60 crop mode which is interesting because this is already a crop sensor camera, it can shoot basically unlimited without overheating in 4k 60, and speaking of low light it looks extremely clean all the way up to about 1600 ISO.

so with all those features, this is an absolutely all-in-one APS-C camera for video and it will compare against a lot of full-frame cameras for around $2000 like the Sony A7S III and Nikon Z6.

So, if you hit that limit the buffer does take a while to clear and this was using the fastest sandisk UHS-II cards and having one of the fastest speeds that you can find on a camera under $2000.

If you need more than about a 2-second burst you should shoot either under 10 fps shoot jpeg or you can lower the resolution a bit to speed things up.

Something I don’t like on R7 is the shutter performance it was not so great for me I noticed some joy effect in the images maybe because this is not a stacked sensor but it has the 15fps mechanical which is more than most of the competition in this price range.


Canon R7 Ports 35mm Headphone Jack
3,5mm Headphone Jack
Canon R7 Ports Remote Jack
Remote Jack
Canon R7 Ports 1
Microphone Input
Canon R7 Ports


there’s a significant pro to the R7 and it is that it accepts the regular batteries that you would use on an R5 and R6.

Canon R7 SD Cards 1

Weight and Size

the Canon R7 is bigger and heavier than the Canon RP and it might even be bigger and heavier than the Canon EOS R.

Canon R7 Price

If you’re looking at buying that camera I’d absolutely recommend the EOS R7 because of a bunch of reasons first has a smaller APS-C sensor. And if you look at the EOS R6 is full-frame there aren’t really any limitations with the R7 and in most areas, the R7 will even beat the R6 even though it’s cheaper.

Canon definitely gives us features like you buy a pro camera of this price point like frame rates and buffer.


  • RFS Lenses works on full frame
  • Uses R system mount
  • EF & EF-S can be adapted
  • Focus system similar to R3 implementation
  • Raw burst mode with pre shooting
  • Shutter button recorded in Raw images
  • Improved overhead warning
  • Subject tracking inherited from EOS R3 with people, animals, and vehicles.
  • Great Ergonomics
  • New Quick Control Dial Mounted Coaxially with the Multy Controller improves usability
  • Exposure Compensation and AF Points Positioning can be Quickly Operated with just thumb.
  • Cropping or Not can be selected
  • The number of pixels can be reduced Depending on the Lens or image processing.
  • Back Illuminated Sensor Offer Greater Sensitivity in Exchange for Increased cost and Complexity of Manufacture
  • two different 4K 60fps modeFINE/HQ – First is Crop Mode with Highest Quality and Second one is Full Sensor Readout at Low Quality Line Skipping Method


  • Slower shooting speed depending on the subject for 4K 60p/50p movie shooting
  • Confused focus
  • Recording limited


My conclusion about the R7 is definitely a good replacement of the Canon 90D maybe even much better than the 90D. Canon 90D has a very soft 4K video but the R7 with 7K oversample offers really incredible detailed video because of it’s 1.6 crop factor.

In relation to its competitors will be a direct competitor to the Fujifilm X-T3 or Fujifilm X-T4 and even fleeing it comes to competing in certain aspects with the Sony A6600 and even with the Sony A7C.

EOS R7 is perfect for wildlife video shooting and with 15 fps mechanical that’s pretty powerful. The buffer is only good for about 100 shots and if you shot wildfire is a great camera.

Canon EOS R7

Release Date24 May 2022
Body TypeSLR Style Mirrorless
Lens MountCanon RF
Crop Factor1.6x
Sensor typeAPS – C CMOS
Sensor size22.2 x 14.8 mm
Sensor resolution5960 x 4640
Sensor pixels32.5
ProcessorDigit X
ISOAuto 100-32000
Expands 51-200
Image stabilizationSensor shift 6 stops
Image formatC-Raw, HEIF, JPEG, Raw
Focus TypeDual Pixel CMOS AF II
Focus points651
Screen typeFully Articulated LCD Touch
Screen size3.0″
Screen resolution1,620,000 dots
Viewfinder typeElectronic Oled
Viewfinder resolution2,360,000 dots
Shutter speedMin 30
Electronic 1/16000
Continuous drive30 fps
Exposure compensation+/- 3 (at 1/3 EV, 1/2 EV
External Flashvia hot shoe
Sync Speed1/320
VideoUHD 4K 60P
Full HD 120p
Video formatMPEG-4
Recording limit6 hours
Storage typeDual Slot SD/SDHC/SDXC UHS-II
ConnectivityUSB 3.2 10 GBit sec
USB ChargingYes
Remote controlYes
Timelapse recordingYes
Battery typeLP E6NH
Battery life CIPA660 shots
Dimensions132 x 90 x 92 mm

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