Canon EOS R6 Mirrorless Digital Camera

If you are looking for a camera that can be extremely flexible with high iso and a reason to upgrade from EOS R, R5, or any other previous mirrorless camera to Canon EOS R6.

EOS R6 is a full-frame mirrorless camera overall very solidly looking light camera. Canon has produced an excellent photography camera with a competitive price for anybody who wants to upgrade from the previous model like the EOS R released fall of 2018 or EOS R5 or your current Canon mirrorless cameras.

So if you have been using one of the previous cameras like the Canon EOS R or one of the previous Digital SLR Cameras and have switched to R6 you will notice that Canon cameras are worth paying.

If you have been really curious about the R6 capabilities really want to know if the R6 for its price can be like a monster.

I’ll be covering image quality, autofocus, and the photography capabilities of this camera, and I will answer a question that is asked a lot of times on youtube videos about EOS R6 because I have seen a lot of questions about the Canon EOS R, Canon R5, and Canon R6 which is better and which one you should buy.

the Canon EOS R6 is the most expensive mirrorless camera for photography if you can afford it with a 20 megapixel full-frame sensor the R6 excels when it comes to autofocus its unerringly accurate when tracking subjects including fast-moving animals.

It can even lock onto a animal’s eye as it runs and stick with it it’s built-in image stabilization is almost as special with the right Canon lens on it it can give you eight extra stops and even without its good for fiveyou will get sharp shots handheld at two or even four second shutter speeds.

It’s brilliant in low light with images shot at ISO 640 showing hardly any noise you can take perfectly acceptable images at 102 400 on the minus side 20 megapixels it shoots 4K at up to 60 FPS but overheating issues mean it can only do that for 30 minutes.

Canon R6 1

I’ve been using Canon R6 for a short time just for testing it feels really comfortable in the hands and it’s just made for the human hand. I give you a breakdown of what you’re getting with the R6. It’s a little bit better than what I’ve heard from most youtube videos. So, if you’re a photographer just get this camera the autofocus system in this camera is better than anything in the canon lineup.

So this is my Canon EOS R6 Review and I’m going to share with you why the EOS R6 is a worthy upgrade.

So, making the switch from the EOS R to the EOS R6 it’s definitely worth being dual card slots, the dual pixel autofocus 2 has greatly improved on the R6 over the EOS R.

Canon launched the EOS R5 and the R6 at the same time but the R5 overshadowed the R6 because of its 8k video and its 45 megapixels.

Canon EOS R6 Body

The body design is really surprising for me, there’s the top panel on-off switch, a back panel very well-placed buttons and a control layout, a flip-out LCD screen that you can rotate, and it’s completely articulated.

Canon R6

There is a mode dial on the top panel with a click sound that looks very premium and well placed, there is also an on-off button that also has a nice click function, and the build quality feels as good as Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

on the left side are ports for connecting an external mic and headphone 3.5 mm headphone jack, an HDMI port and USB c and HDMI port, and a port to attach the remote cable release.

Canon R6

EOS R6 has a dual sd card slot you can use high-speed uhs to its sd cards once you pop up the battery door you can see a golden connection port for the battery grip.

the chassis is built around magnesium alloy, it’s a weather-sealed body the grip feels very deep, a very solidly built camera body that is really light and it fits well in hand, and on the top panel, there is a movie record button.

Canon EOS R6 Body 4

So I was gripping with three fingers which was less than ideal I was very glad that canon provided the optional battery grip for me. I think that’s something that anybody, as I say with bigger hands, is going to find a pretty essential accessory.

Canon EOS R6 Body 2

In comparison with the previous version EOS R, there are a few differences in the back of the camera the EOS R has a kind of touch bar control whereas the EOS R6 has a joystick and the turn dial on the back and the R6 has two slots whereas the eos R has one.

So, according to Canon, the R6 has like a 60 series degree of weather sealing probably even better than what we find in maybe the Sony A7 III.

Canon EOS R6 feels so much the same as the EOS R5 in terms of button layout even on the top panel except few changes.

EOS R6 Menu

Canon EOS R6 Body 1

EOS R6 has a really nice menu that provides an organized and logical layout the fully articulated touch screen makes it easy to access that menu in all sections.

There are three separate and dedicated dials to provide a fast way to change settings so the full manual experience.

Canon EOS R6 Control lock

Canon EOS R6 Image Stabilization

The stabilization built into the R6 is really fantastic and it allowed you to get sharp shots. Canon has introduced sensor-shift sensor-based image stabilization and this stabilization works with even the non-stabilized lens or it works in conjunction with the stabilized lenses to give you 8 stops of image stabilization.

So, why the Canon R6 is a little better than the previous version when I talk about image stabilization Canon EOS R does not have in-body image stabilization whereas R6 does.

So, when you’re shooting slow is perfect because you can notice that there are two types of image stabilization regular and digital.

If you enable both at the same time you will get a lot of the wobble distortion around but if you only enable the regular one without the digital one the image seems to be pretty good.

the Canon R6 gives you five-axis in-body stabilization but up to eight stops with certain lenses the ibis in this body is fantastic you can handhold at super slow shutter speeds when you pair the rf lenses with this you could still get slow shutter speeds.

When you use the ef lenses adapted to this just understand that just because you can handhold at slower shutter speeds.

And if you’re using a Canon lens it also has image stabilization in it you get eight stops of image stabilization which is really incredible.

So for me, stabilization is something I love to see in a camera it gives you smoother video allows you to take photos at a lower shutter speed, and still get sharp results.

Canon R6 Image Quality

the image you get out of this camera is incredible for the price they are beautifully detailed with a great canon color there’s quite a big difference in price between EOS R6 and the EOS R5. You’re going to notice the lack of resolution, dynamic range shadow noise is good it’s improved over other previous cameras.

you can shoot up to 60 frames per second shooting at 4K and the quality of the image is very sharp if you shoot 4K at 24 frames or 30 frames the picture is actually really crisp and it allows you to shoot a 10-bit rate.

So, one thing to know about this camera it’s a lowlight king because when you shot images at iso 12800 the image quality is incredible I realized that the files at iso 12800 on the R6 look better than files on the EOS R5 at iso 6400.

the EOS R6 is absolutely a beast in low light the image quality is incredible produce amazing high ISO performance it has two to three stops of shadow recovery which means you have an incredible dynamic range for photos.

Canon EOS R6 LCD Touchscreen

Canon R6 has a fully articulating LCD touchscreen which you can flip forward for monitoring and that’s very handy. R6 has a very high-resolution viewfinder with a 120 fps refresh rate that is bright and responsive.

Canon EOS R6 lens

R6 has a focus point joystick it has a three-inch 1.62 million dot vary angle touch screen where you can touch everything and make changes where some of the cameras like the older versions of the Sony wouldn’t allow you to touch the menu.

Canon EOS R6 LCD

I found another difference on the previous version EOS R the screen is located on the top of the camera whereas the R6 has a twisty dial like the mode dial on the top of the R6.


the Canon R6 has the same viewfinder as the previous generations which is a 0.5-inch OLED panel and 3.69 million dots in practice this required quite a generous size very easy and comfortable to see and compose photos.

Canon R6 EVF

R6 performs beautifully the EVF is fantastic it’s crisp and sharp it tells you your exposure visually rather than just a meter at the bottom.

Canon EOS R6 Sensor

Canon EOS R6 comes with 20 megapixels full-frame CMOS sensor that’s powered by a digik x processor or digit 10 processor and becomes one of the best performers in low light.

It’s the same sensor found in Canon 1DX mark III which offers not only a very high resolution but also it offers a wide dynamic range.

So, if you are a wildfire photographer while taking pictures you will notice that the image quality that you are getting out of the sensor feels more like a 24 to 30 megapixel image instead of a 20 megapixel inside because of the lens found in the sensor. Another difference in those cameras I found the Sony A7 III is 8-bit the EOS R6 is10-bit.

Canon R6 1

So, 20 megapixels is enough just like the Canon 1dx mark II and Canon 1dx mark III with 20-megapixel sensors, and those cameras have produced amazing work.

So, I will give you my experience 20 megapixels have been more than enough for me for everyday work but if you’re cropping more than 20 megapixels might not be enough because the smaller the file gets at 20 megapixels.

the EOS R6 does have 20.1 megapixels compared to the EOS R5 which has 45 megapixels. So, it means the more megapixels the bigger your photo can be 20.1 compared to 45 it’s a solid number so in this case.

The EOS R6 will perform better than the EOS R5 in low-light scenarios and more you can crop in post. The other thing to consider the fewer megapixels you use on a sensor the better the low-light performance is.

The EOS R6 is insane the full-frame CMOS sensor is crisp it’s 20 megapixels the photos just look more crisp. There is so much detail held within these photos that you can crop in as much as you want and they are still sharp with the ability to crop in and not worry about losing resolution.

Canon EOS R6 Sensor

It’s the same sensor and processor found in the Canon eos 1dx mark iii in this smaller less expensive body whereas the EOS R has a 30.3-megapixel sensor which has come from the Canon 5D Mark IV.

It’s a fantastic sensor it’s a little lower at 20.1 megapixels but you can do a ton with this camera, there is a 12 pin control of the eos rf mount and a sensor is well protected behind a closed shutter when the camera is off

the stabilized sensor is useful for still photos and it seems to be a bit better than sensor stabilization in Sony A7R III based on my experience.

Video Specs

When it comes to video this CMOS sensor can take 4K video recording up to 60 frames per second at 10 bit 422. The 4K is oversampled from 5.1k with no pixel binning you can get a full-frame 120 frames per second at 1080p.

Canon R6 Mark II Video 1

You can do 120 frames per second in 1080p you can shoot in standard c-logand c-log 3. Canon has included c-log and c-log-3 profile when shooting video and great point is that when shooting in c-log and c-log 3 is really good that you can compare it to a cinema camera.

the Sony A7 III has 4K at 24 frames per second just like the R6 but the 4K on the EOS R6 is super sharp instead of the A7 III.

It has a 2959 record limit it is possible to overheat it if you shoot too long or in if you’re in a super hot area you do have c log 1 and 3 if you want to get more control over your image you do have a micro HDMI port on the side.

it shoots full HD at up to frames per second giving you fantastic slow-mos but the other thing that is exciting in terms of video about the r6 is that it is the first Canon camera to shoot log mode.

when you shoot with R6 it only shoots 4k and it got a slight crop 1.07x crop interesting is that the R6 slight crop rounds up roughly the same kind of crop as R5 shooting 16:9

When you’re shooting video you do have the electronic stabilization in the EOS R and you do have the same comparable system with the R6.

Canon R6 Autofocus

The autofocus works perfectly especially shooting b-roll in slow motion that you want to move quickly and it tracks it perfectly. In case you’re shooting a youtube video you just place it in there.

Canon R6 Autofocus

the autofocus in this camera is incredible and I’m super happy with it because it’s easy to use camera 4k at 60 frames per second or 1080 HD at 120 frames in-body stabilization.

It just tracks your face so nicely and smoothes that you don’t have to worry about getting your sharps or going in and out of focus.

it looks great in the day and light and in difficult light situations such as direct sunlight and we can definitely say that Canon has the best focusing system you can get in a mirrorless camera today.

If you are a serious video maker and you are interested in R6 autofocus how does it perform this camera is really amazing for wildlife.

The R6 is one of the best at capturing with IAF turned on it quickly locked onto subjects and kept up with subjects moving directly. R6 uses the exact same autofocusing system in the dual pixel AF version 2. So, a reason that Canon has the best autofocusing system in the market.

The Canon autofocusing system is fantastic the upgrades of the EOS R5 and the EOS R6 are tremendous in any case. It’s one of the best autofocusing systems in a camera these days.

the dual pixel autofocus is definitely a pro, dual card slots are also very helpful the 20 megapixel sensor, as well as the ability to shoot c-raw, the R6 seems like the perfect all-round camera for the electronic shutter is very quiet.

the R6 autofocus performance uses the deep learning technology from the Canon EOS 1DX Mark III and has a maximum shooting speed of 20 frames per second.

the Ibis performance of the R6 is excellent we can take photos for up to one second of exposure or even 1.5 seconds

Canon always had awesome autofocus it’s always been reliable especially with the EOS R6 because the R6 has a face and eye detection and it is lightning fast.


The eye-tracking animal tracking is fantastic as well as the Canon R5 it focuses really quickly on the EOS R6 it’s exceedingly fast.

It really looks bright it is lightning-quick and the images out of the R6 are fantastic. I have been using it for a short time and I didn’t notice any slow focusing on the EOS R6.

Canon R6 Eye Tracking

Facial recognition focuses on eye detection you can set that from people to animals it really is a step up. It really keeps those faces in focus even once you get really close to the camera it’ll stay on target.

The R6 is changed drastically when it comes to sports photography is the autofocus capabilities of the R6 with previous cameras it is really pleasantly surprising.

Slow Motion

In slow motion at 20 frames per second, you don’t get any blackout so 20 frames per second with excellent autofocus no rolling shutter, or other silent shutter issues, and this is absolutely the best sports and action camera in its class.

Canon R6 Shutter

EOS R6 features 20 frames per second in electronic shutter mode it shoots 12 frames per second in mechanical shutter mode if you want to shoot a lot of pictures you can go down to 12 frames per second. In comparison with the previous version, EOS R can shoot 8 frames per second.

Canon R6 Shutter

4 frames per second isn’t a huge difference but when you’re shooting in ai servo continuous focus mode with the EOS R something disappoints me it drops to 5 frames per second.

If you’re shooting 4K on the R6 will give you increased frame rates of 4K up to 60 frames per second. If you’re shooting in 1080p the EOS R goes up to 60 frames per second whereas on the R6 you can shoot 1080 up to 120 frames per second.

So, with the electronic shutter, you are getting a 12 bit raw file instead of 14 bit it means less data because if you’re shooting at 20 frames per second with the electronic shutter you’re pushing a lot of data through there.

Canon EOS R6 Battery

Canon EOS R6 Dual card slots

Moving on to battery the new battery in this camera has a higher capacity and the battery life is decent. Canon R6 has the lp E6 it has somewhere around 14 higher capacity the rating is higher than what we see on the EOS R5 it’s rated at 380 shots for using the viewfinder a little over 500 if you’re using the LCD.

Canon EOS R6 UHS II SD card cells

It has the ability to do USB charging you can get a grip with this it’s going to cost you more money but it’s a vertical grip. I prefer using that if you like to shoot vertical it’s much more comfortable.

It allows you to put an extra battery in there. So, the battery life of this camera is fantastic and it has at least two batteries to get one of those external USB chargers.

Canon EOS R6 Battery

you’ll notice has a little sticker on the side backward compatible you can use the older canon batteries they’re the same shape lp 6.

Canon EOS R6 Battery
Canon EOS R6 Battery 2

but the R6 in its own right is a very practical potent camera although it’s a 20-megapixel camera it is a fully-featured camera with a lot of interesting capabilities to it.

if you are here for photography or if you are here just for video coverage and you shoot everything manually it really is a fantastic camera system. So, on the spec sheet, the Canon R6 is a 20 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor camera with 12 frames per second.

in mechanical and 20 frames per second in silent shutter eye face and head detection for humans and eye face and body detection for animals.

Canon EOS R6 Body

the r6 is a great hybrid shooter’s camera with awesome video capabilities I think this is the most exciting camera to have come out in a while and for good reason but honestly, this is the camera that I think most people would be buying photographers and filmmakers.

Canon EOS R6 Specs

  • Announcement Date: 2020-07-09
  • 20MP – Full frame CMOS Sensor
  • selectable autofocus points
  • ISO 100 – 102400 ( expands to 50 – 204800)
  • Canon RF Mount
  • No Anti-aliasing (AA) filter
  • electronic stabilization in video
  • Sensor-shift Image Stabilization
  • 3.00″ Fully Articulated Screen
  • 3690k dot Electronic viewfinder
  • 12.0fps (20.0fps Electronic) continuous shooting
  • 4K (UHD) – 3840 x 2160 video resolution
  • 12.0 fps continuous shooting
  • 120fps High-Speed Video
  • Built-in Wireless
  • Build in Bluetooth
  • Micro HDMI port
  • 680g. 138 x 98 x 88 mm
  • Weather Sealed Body
  • 380 shots EVF power saving mode
  • 510 LCD Power saving mode
  • USB charging via PD-E1


the Canon R6 has two UHS two SD slots which are very important if you are a wedding photographer and they can write both photos and videos to those redundantly when you’re shooting that was a new firmware update.

Canon EOS R6 UHS II SD card cells

some of the interesting specs of the R6 it’s got a 20-megapixel full-frame sensor it can shoot 12 frames per second in continuous shooting mode or up to 20 frames per second with the electronic shutter.

it has a maximum iso of 102400 which is very high and very impressive it has a five-axis in-body stabilization system.

So for me, stabilization is something I love to see in a camera it gives you smoother video it allows you to take photos at lower shutter speed, and still get sharp results.


  • movie record button on the top
  • grip menu system
  • great video specs
  • shoot up to 60 frames per seconds
  •  eye tracking for animals
  • dual slot for memory cards
  • 4K 10-bit video
  • 10bit 4:2:2 internal recording
  • Flip-out display
  • Compact size
  • Top-notch video and photo autofocus
  • full HD movies at 60fps
  • 23mm eye point 0.76x magnification up to 120fps
  • Enhances the stability of eye detection
  • optimizes autofocus accuracy
  • On Sensor Phase Detect
  • Time Lapse Recording
  • Great round still
  • Smaller files fuster buffering
  • No lens resolving power issues


  • Low-Resolution Stills
  • Poorer EVF
  • Overheating issues
  • Middling dynamic range
  • Micro HDMI port
  • Lousy menus
  • No On Board Flash
  • No PC Sync
  • No NFC
  • Not Build in GPS
  • No Build in Flash
  • 20mp is not enough
  • limited cropping

This camera has a wonderful newly designed fully rotating vary angle LCD touch screen, there is a series of buttons at the back of the screen.

One thing I want to tell you is vari-angle LCD screen can rotate all the way to the front-facing position.

This is fantastic for bloggers because like this position you can protect the LCD screen by rotating it which means it won’t get scratched or damaged while you’re traveling.

I was surprised to find that the build quality of the r6 is absolutely top.

the r6 is weather sealed it’s water-resistant, dust-resistant so yes you can take this camera pretty much anywhere.

When I talk about Canon r6 except it’s precise it’s also fast.

in terms of this review, r6 shoots 4k video at up to 60 frames per second which not many cameras can do.

the fact of other thing that videographers are going to love is that the r6 shoots 10-bit color.

So however I love the way that the R6 focused while shooting video very slow very cinematic changes of focus.

So I think this is an excellent camera for videographers at a high enough level that even the most demanding video shooter was also interested to see how the r6 would perform.

Canon R6 ISO Performance

the R6 standard ISO range of 50 to 204 800 and standard ISO range of 100 to 102 400 makes for a high power full low-light camera when coupled with the addition of canon’s 5-axis in-body image stabilization technology which offers up to eight stops of effective cor reaction.

At ISO1600 the EOS R has some noise in the background the R6 for me I found to be pretty clean and produces a cleaner file.

It offers you some insanely high ISO like 1lakh 2400 when you shoot at iso 3200 or iso 6400 it’s incredibly clean on this camera.

But in my test at ISO 3200, I noticed some differences the R6 is better than the EOS R because the R6 was looking clean in the background very clean in the shadows and the R was showing a lot more noise.

In low light high iso situations, I have to say the high iso performance was excellent the noise was not a problem I was able to shoot at about 25 600.

In comparison with the previous version of Canon EOS R, the R6 is a step up furder the EOS R has a lovely good autofocus system that tracks images well it locks onto your subject really well however EOS R isn’t bad but is not as good as the R6.

Dynamic Range

So dynamic range on the R6 is competitive even and a little bit better than the Nikon Z6 but a little bit lower than the Sony A7 III.

Canon R6 Weight

the Cannon R6 weighs in at 1.5 pounds or 680 grams in comparison with the previous version Canon EOS R is 660 grams so very similar in size and weight.

Canon EOS R6 Release Date

July, 9 2020

Canon EOS R6 Price

You can find the R6 for about $2500 whereas you can find the EOS R around $1800, Canon R5 is about $3500. It does have a number of real advantages that I found I believe a price tag of $2500 is competing again with cameras like the Nikon Z6 II or the A7 III those cameras are now available at a particular price.

So the EOS R is cheaper than the Canon R6 and R5 and the price point of R6 probably will sit around the same cost until 2023 after a new release.

the Canon EOS R6 is a great camera comparing the price to the EOS R5 it’s a great option for both video and photo. If you want to order R6 it comes with an EF EOS R adapter which you can adapt your older ef lenses R6 is a premium feel and solid build quality.

Canon has done a great job with the R6 this is an excellent all-around camera and a solid value provides the ease of use that outclasses many other cameras at this price point.

Should you buy Canon R6 for Wildlife?

Wrapping Up

In my experience and testing, I think R6 is cleaner than the EOS R going from the EOS R to the R6 is a worthy upgrade but we have the EOS R5 and I have Canon R6 vs R5 comparison review so from that perspective I think it’s an incredible upgrade.

Canon EOS R is very comparable to the R6 but in my experience especially if you’re using the camera in ai servo mode and tracking moving subjects the Canon R6 is next level when it comes to the autofocus.

the R6 is a great body from Canon you’ve got that one 1DX Mark III sensor and processor which allows you to push out those 12 frames a second with mechanical and 20 frames per second in silent mode.

It’s a beast of a camera you could do sports and portraits and weddings and videos and everything that you can do with the Sony A1. So, one final thing I want to say about Canon R6 is kind of a small camera for me for someone with you know bigger hands like me.


  • c-log profile when shooting video
  • shooting b-roll in slow motion
  • allows you to use your ef lenses
  • you can use ND filters
  • two types of image stabilization the regular and the digital
  • perfect hybrid between videography and photography
  • allows you to connect your phone via wireless using wi-fi or bluetooth
  • you can use your phone as a monitor
  • you can control your camera remotely
  • record in two different cards at the same time
  •  record the same photos and videos in the two SD cards
  • High Image Quality featuring a new 20 Megapixel Full-Frame CMOS Sensor.
  • DIGIC X Image Processor with an ISO range of 100-102400 Expandable to 204800.
  • High-Speed Continuous Shooting of up to 20 fps Electronic Silent Shutter.
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF covering Approx 100% Area with 1,053 AF Areas.
  • Subject tracking of People and Animals using Deep Learning Technology.
  • support human eye focusing and animals including cats, dogs, and birds


  • No recording more than 30 minutes straight
  • shooting with digital IS image stabilization you get a wobbly weird effect 
  • 4K 25fps or 50 fps CLOG Overheats after 30 minutes
  • 4K IPB Light 25fps or 50fps CLOG-No Issues


I have a lot to say about the EOS R6 in comparison with the previous version the dynamic range isn’t bad with EOS R but in my experience, it is not as good as the R6, one of the big differences is the megapixel count the EOS R has 32 whereas the Canon R6 has roughly 20.

If you are not wiled to buy expensive cameras or if you’re looking for a wedding camera, to shoot portraits and landscapes EOS R6 is a key upgrade better than the previous model EOS R with a larger body, better button placement, dual sd card slots, a newer sensor with better iso performance and better dynamic range.

So you cannot get wrong with this camera if you basically mostly rely on autofocus in fact, this was one of the main reasons why I decided to buy this camera.

this product delivers premium performance at the best possible price-quality ratio you want it the best and you got it.

so if your budget only takes around $2000 the EOS R is the better option if your budget is bigger than the R6 is for you.

Canon EOS R6 Body

Release Date9 July 2020
Body Type SLR Style Mirrorless
Sensor TypeFull Frame CMOS
Sensor Size 36 x 24
Sensor Resolution5472 x 3648
Sensor Pixel20
ProcessorDigic X
Color Filter ArrayPrimary Color Filter
ISOAuto 100-102400
Expanded to 2048000
Image stabilization 5 Axis 8 stops
Focus TypeDual Pixel CMOS
Focus Points1053
Manual FocusYes
Lens MountCanon RF
Focal Lenght Multiplier1x
Screen TypeFully Articulated LCD Touch
Screen Size3.0″
Screen Resolution1,620,000 dots
Viewfinder TypeElectronic Oled
Viewfinder Resolution3,690,000 dots
Shutter TypeElectronic Controlled Vertical Traverse Focal Plane
Shutter SpeedMin 30
Max 1/8000
Electronic 1/8000
Continuous Drive20.0fps
External FlashYes
Sync Speed1/200
Exposure Compensation+/-3 at 1/3 EV, 1/2 EV Steps
AE Bracketing+/-3 at 1/3 EV, 1/2 EV Steps
Video Resolution4K-60
Full HD-120
Log GammaC-Log
Video FormatMPEG-4, H.264, H.265
Storage TypeSD/SDHC/SDXC/UHS-II Dual Slots
ConnectivityUSB 3.2 Gen2 10 GBit Sec
Wireless Transmitter802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz
Build in BluetoothYes
Battery Life360
Dimensions138 x 98 x 88mm

Is Canon EOS R6 weather sealed?

the chassis is built around magnesium alloy and it’s a weather-sealed body.

is the canon eos R6 worth it

Canon EOS R6 is great camera autofocus is incredible, in-body image stabilization works great, the image quality is very good if you’ve never been able to afford a 1dx Mark III you’re getting a lot of 1dx inside this camera at a much lower price point so definitely worthy of your consideration.


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