Canon EOS R5 Mirrorless Digital Camera

When Canon EOS R5 came out it was the successor to the Canon 5D Mark IV. The Canon R5 has been an absolute workhorse and has always given incredible footage to edit.

EOS R5 is a really great professional camera that does really good videos and stills for capturing the highest quality footage and they also released the EOS R6.

the Canon R5 is one of the most reliable mirrorless cameras that may even go head-to-head with the brands such as the Nikon Z9.

Video quality is not its weak point also as it can give you 8K 30p resolution videos with no cropping you can even get stills with a resolution amazingly at 35.4 mp.

It’s compatible with both the rf mount and the traditional ef map the R5 is equipped with 5 axis in body image stabilization capable of up to 8 stops a great help in motion but also for low light situations.

I want to go over some pros and cons of this really great canon mirrorless camera for landscape photography I will explain in this review.

Canon R5

If you already use any camera and looking for a new way to get the most out of it or want to switch from Canon 5D Mark III or Canon 5D Mark IV upgrading or just buy a new camera.

let me tell you why this camera is important will it be the mirrorless camera you have been looking for your photography needs why people are talking about it and where all the buzz is coming from.

After Canon release firmware 1.3.1 for the Canon R5 and after you applied the update you will realize that this camera froze and became unresponsive.

Canon R5

I have a few things that I love R5 and the first of all is the eye autofocus, 45-megapixel sensor, in-body image stabilization, high-speed shutter, cf express cards, flip-out screen, rf to ef lens adapter, access to the rf class.

Canon EOS R5

Canon also announced the Canon EOS R6 after their first real mirrorless camera the Canon EOS R but honestly, EOS R was not the perfect camera in the specs like EOS R5 and EOS R6.

I have used this R5 just for testing and I decided to make a review about this camera for all photographers the reason I love canon eos R5 was its compatibility with hundreds of amazing Canon RF lenses.

Canon EOS R5 1

and another reason why I love the canon eos r cameras all the different models have the same menu functions as the previous canon camera, the best menu system, and the rotating LCD screen.

The good point is it can shoot 45 megapixels, has a full-frame sensor, dual card slot, touch LCD, joystick, and rear scroll wheel like the Canon 5D, and upgraded battery with higher capacity variable-angle LCD.

So, with this camera, it’s possible to film 4k 24p with full-frame and it will record on the internal sd card.

Canon R5 Review

EOS R5 Body

the EOS R5 has the most refined and well-balanced ergonomics it’s not overly heavy it’s got an excellent grip and fantastic feeling buttons.

Canon EOS R5 Body

this camera also has three control dials great menu system and a touchscreen interface. In the EOS R5, the shutter comes over the top of the sensor, and the bottom line comes from the 5D Mark IV.

Canon’s ergonomics and usability feel really good the buttons feel great and responsive, and the menu system is intuitive.

the menu system in the canon R5 is much better and cleaner even than the Canon C70 so if you want to record 8k 60p you need an external power source you can’t power your lens and the camera at the same time just put in another battery.

the configuration of the menu gives you a view of all the menus very quickly and very comfortably to change anything that you use quickly in general.

Canon R5

the on-off switch is on the left side of the camera that means when you’re shooting you have to turn off your camera and then reach up with your other hand and turn it on again which is something that you’ll want to do frequently because your battery is going to be dead at the end of the day.

Image Stabilization

in terms of stills it’s got 5 axis image stabilized sensor it will do 12 frames a second mechanical shutter.

in-body image stabilization on the EOS R5 is the best it’s absolutely insane for a full-frame camera the Panasonic G9 had really good ibis but the EOS R5 honestly rivals it.

Canon R5 Image Stabilization

one thing that’s really nice about R5 for photos is that it has ibis, in-body image stabilization which helps when you’re taking photographs at a longer focal length it helps keep that camera stable whenever you’re shooting photos.

It’s perfect for those who work in photography it has eye detection and a high speed of 20 frames per second.

Canon EOS R5 1

Screen Type

Canon EOS R5 1 1

the EOS R5 features 5.76 million dots EVF with high refresh rates just like Panasonic S1R both use very nice 2.1 million dot back panels.

So, it really matters what camera you need do you want the fully articulating lcd of the EOS R5 or the tilt screen of the Panasonic S1R.

Canon EOS R5 Body


When it comes to the autofocus system the R5 has a dual pixel autofocus 2 and it’s more responsive and overall more reliable.

Canon-R5 Tracking

It’s a night and day difference between a Canon 5D Mark III or 5D Mark IV or any older camera, the tracking, the animal iaf the people iaf2 and if you start using R5 I know you will benefit from this brand new mirrorless system.

the EOS R5 has one of the most improved auto-focusing systems so far the tracking works very well and it’s quite simple to set up.

it has very effective eye detection but is probably the most effective animal eye detection system even better than A7R IV and Nikon Z7 II.

EOS R5 has five axis image stabilization and up to eight stops of image stabilization when you’re shooting on an RF lens.

Canon R5 Autofocus specs

  • Phase detect
  • Multi area center
  • Selective single point tracking
  • Face detection
  • Live View
Canon EOS R5 Body 1

Autofocus Pros

  • two operation selections you can use it in one shot or in servo mode

Canon EOS R5 Sensor

the Canon R5 actually shoots in 4K 60 and also in 4k 24 fps and you can shoot in 10 bit 4:2:2 if you are a Canon C200 user it still does not let you shoot in 10 bit 4:2:2, with the C200 you can shoot non-stop and it’s not gonna overheat another thing its the built-in ND filters.

the Canon R5 lets you shoot raw in AK and it also lets you shoot in 4K/10 bit 4:2:2 which the Canon C200 can not do.

the EOS R5 has the most improved sensor which brings to a very competitive standard good dynamic range, and good low-light performance.

If you are not familiar with the specs of EOS R5 it has a 45 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, boasts 8k video, just like Canon 1dx camera in a small package with 8k video, 100 autofocus coverage on the sensor which is amazing for high-end photography.

the sensor scans so quickly which is great for video and for stills, you can shoot 20 frames per second in silent shutter mode in 12-bit raw, up to 12 fps with a mechanical shutter, and up to 20 fps with the electronic silent shutter even though you can shoot on sets and basically not get any strange diagonals.

It incorporates the digit 10 processors found in the flagship Canon EOS 1DX Mark III and is capable of shooting 12 frames per second with the mechanical shutter and 20 frames per second with the electronic. The Canon 1DX Mark II which is a DSLR camera could squeeze out 14 frames per second at 20.2 megapixels.

In comparison, the Nikon D850 shoots seven to 9 frames per second which was pretty unheard of for a 45-megapixel sensor.

With R5 you can shoot 8k and get great detail from this camera so the files are huge that coming, 4k is minimal 470 megabits per second, it also shoots 12 to 20 with similar speeds to the Sony A9 II.

Canon EOS R5 Sensor

the EOS R5 sensor actually rates a little bit higher dynamic range and is one of Canon’s best sensors. So, even if it’s 20 megapixels I definitely prefer this sensor compared to the 24-megapixel full-frame sensor found in the Canon 6D Mark ii.

It’s better because it’s cleaner with a better dynamic range and better high iso performance it’s amazing in low light and also in focus and the native iso range is 100 to 102400.

If you need a camera with more megapixels than EOS R5 Sony Alpha A1 has a 50-megapixel stack sensor that shoots at 30 frames per second and has insane autofocus. Canon cannot match with Sony on the high-end mirrorless maybe the Canon EOS R3 or the Canon EOS R1 will be the high-end pro camera to challenge Sony.

Canon EOS R5 2

So if you’re looking for a complete cinema camera package with excellent video and stabilization features Panasonic S1H has a full-frame 24.2-mp CMOS sensor, with almost, the same price can shoot 6K videos internally at 24 fps, DCI, and UHD 4k videos, in 10 bit 4:2:2 V-LOG with no heating issue five-axis sensor-shift image stabilization, and optical stabilization. So in my opinion, Panasonic S1H is the right choice for you.

EOS R5 is actually a pretty good camera because considering this is a high-megapixel camera it’s going to outperform Canon 1DX Mark III, Sony A9 II, or Sony A7S III when it comes to sports and shooting video.

Lens Mount

the autofocus on the EOS R5 is the best because RF lenses are going to give you better performance than EF lenses

RF lenses are just Canon’s new technology so you can switch from EF lenses to RF lenses without worrying about getting less performance.


Canon R5 Shutter

when you are changing lenses the shutter closes just like Sony Alpha A1 and the Sony Alpha A9 series and you don’t have a problem with dust but the A7R series stays open, and the Nikon Z series stays open.

Canon R5 Specs

  • 8K Video
  • Up to 20fps
  • Dual Pixel II AF
  • Face/Eye Detect
  • cf express card
  • SD card
  • Dual Card Slots
  • High Capacity Battery Pack LP-E6NH
  • 320 shots EVF power saving mode
  • 490 LCD Power saving mode
  • USB charging via PD-E1
  • Battery Charger LC-E6
  • Wide Strap
  • Cable Protector
  • Interface Cable IFC-100U
  • Camera Cover R-F-5

Canon EOS R5 has good ergonomics very well balanced in the end, especially with the lens.

Canon R5 1

It’s about the same size as the canon eos R this camera has ibis embody image stabilization and is one of the best stabilizations I have seen in my experience and in a combination of the rf lenses.

it’s possible to have up to eight stops of stabilization because the body stabilization will function also with non-is lenses.

So dust is the biggest problem on mirrorless cameras because the lens is very close to the sensor and one of the most significant advantages of canon eos r cameras.

there is a remote control sensor at the front for using a wireless remote, there is also a remote control terminal to use the canon wired remote on the side.


  • well designed body
  • great autofocus
  • great rf lenses
  • Superb 45MP full-frame sensor
  • Fast accurate autofocus
  • Subject tracking at up to 20fps
  • Great EVF
  • Swing-out touch LCD
  • 5-axis IBIS
  • CF express and UHS-II SDXC card support
  • 8K and 4K 120p video look great
  • 10bit 4:2:2 internal recording
  • 10bit 4:2:2 uncompressed 4k 60p
  • Improved battery life
  • Solid IBIS system
  • Best-in-class image stabilization
  • Great handling
  • Sharp images
  • Excellent battery life
  • Feels very good in the hand
  • Wonderful menu systems
  • Excellent details
  • weather sealed
  • has the shutter closes
  • Great Canon’s Mobile App connection
  • Wi-Fi sending of full HD video is pretty fast
  • High ISO RAW files hold a fair amount of data.
  • Great dynamic range and colors
  • 23mm eye point 0.76x magnification up to 120fps
  • Enhances the stability of eye detection
  • optimizes autofocus accuracy


  • image quality not as good as its competitors
  • Limited Video record time
  • Expensive CF memory for some features
  • Limited recording for video
  • Micro-HDMI port
  • Aging menu system
  • The joystick is in an odd spot
  • Can’t transfer 8K video via Wifi
  • Painful noise
  • Buttery life not the best
  • No Build in Flash
  • No NFC
  • Needs better lense
  • expensive than expected for me
  • CFexpress card expensive

Canon EOS R5 has mic and headphone terminals USB c and micro HDMI terminals on the original EOS R. It was mini HDMI which I preferred and also there is a PC terminal for flash.

Canon R5 Image Quality

image quality and dynamic range are great but for me, it’s not as good as the Sony A7R IV or the Nikon Z7 maybe it’s close but keep in mind that this is the best sensor that canon put in R5.

the quality of the photo is expectedly good taking photos with a 45 megapixel CMOS sensor in this camera you are getting fantastic images.

The camera’s ability to autofocus on your subjects it’s just mind-blowing you get really stable images, speaking of wildlife photos they also have an animal eye af and it works so well.

So, the difference between R5 and the Nikon Z7 is really quite small, if we compare EOS R5 and Sony A7R III which is a 42 megapixel camera straight out of the camera the images look the same when recovering the shadows and highlights they look the same the images they both look nearly identical.


Canon R5 ISO

If we compare the Canon C70 and Canon C300 Mark III with the EOS R5 at high ISO values the C70 and the C300 Mark III and its DGO sensor come just much better at retaining colors at high iso values whereas the R5 completely broke down the colors.

Dynamic Range

the Canon R5 has improved its dynamic range and the ability to recover shadows and highlights dramatically a lot better than it was before.

Video Features

If I talk about video capture this camera does everything that canon announced 8k 30p video for approximately 20 minutes 4k 120p videos for approximately 15 minutes.

the EOS R5 video specifications are truly amazing achieved with uncropped 8k raw video internally at up to 29.97 frames per second in four to two colon two 12-bit canon log or hdr pq both h.265 in both UHD and DCI.

Canon R5 Video Specs

the EOS R5, unlike the other cameras, can actually read out 8K images so you get 8K recording, 8K raw, or 4K that is supersampled from the full 8K images.

the Canon R5 offers a lot more than just amazing video when it doesn’t overheat of course but for photography, this is probably one of the best cameras.

When it comes to recording and if you record with R5 in 60 fps and using crop mode it’s actually down-sampled and sharper than the C70 but C70 doesn’t overheat.

EOS R5 has the sharpest video that you’re gonna find on a consumer mirrorless camera.

Canon R5 Battery Life

the R5 use legacy batteries from Canon with reduced battery life it does charge in camera but this is one that’s quite picky with what PD chargers will actually work and which ones won’t.

Canon R5 Battery

the battery life off the back LCD panel is vastly improved and that’s 490 shots if you’re using the back panel.

The battery life it’s not like Sony you’re gonna have to buy several batteries, it does have a battery save mode which is really nice, and you can turn off some features and stuff.

Canon EOS R5 CF Express Card

EOS R5 has the same battery as EOS R with a higher capacity you can use the batteries from the previous model with the firmware upgrade of the Canon EOS R.


Canon R5 shoots 405 shots in a buffer to the CFexpress card when shooting 12 frames per second and 182 shots to that SD card at that same speed.

It also shoots 146 shots to the CFexpress card at 20 frames per second and 104 shots to the SD card at 20 frames per second.

EOS R5 Viewfinder

Canon EOS R5 Viewfinder

The LCD screen is the best of all the cameras because it’s perfect for shooting from a different angle.

Canon EOS R5

looking at the back of the screen canon made such beautiful natural colors out of this camera and canon has been renowned for that.

this camera has two card slots one cf express and one sd.

In my experience, this has to be one of the best photography cameras that I have ever used.

Media Cards

The EOS R5 has dual card slots including a new CFexpress type B card that is crazy expensive but great for getting down all that data in stills and in the various video modes that it offers, the R5 lets you shoot raw in a cfast card.

Frame Rates

When it comes to frame rates using the electronic shutter you can get 20 frames per second especially when you’re shooting wildlife.

the frame rate and the animal iaf are taking at oll on the battery life because the battery drained quickly and when it gets down to about 60 it cuts that frame rate down but the frame rate’s still good even when the battery life is impacting it

Canon EOS R5 Release Date

Canon R5 was released in July 2020 and since then there are a few updates and became a competitive mirrorless camera.

Canon EOS R5 Price

the Canon EOS R5 price comes to market at around $3,900 us dollars almost $4000 in comparison with its competitors like its brother EOS R6 runs about $2500 which is cheaper than R5.

EOS R5 is more expensive than the Sony A7R IV, Nikon Z7, and Nikon Z7 II.

So, you can buy Nikon Z7 for almost half of this price and you will get good images out of it. the Sony A7R IV has more megapixels about 61mp versus the 45 in EOS R5.


  • no overheating problems with the video side
  • shooting ALL-I and IPB with less compression
  • 1 hour record time in 4k HG
  • auto white balance in post-processing
  • auto correcting in post-processing
  • 12 frames per second mechanical shutter
  • 20 frames per second electronic shutter
  • High image quality with 45-megapixel sensor
  • DIGIC X Processor with ISO range of 100-51200 expandable to 102400×1
  • High-speed continuous shooting up to 12fps mechanical
  • Electronic shutter up to 20fps
  • 8K DCI cinematic ability to extract 35.4 pixels
  • Cover CMOS Dual Pixel AF 100%
  • Tracking people and animals using deep learning technology
  • Filmed in 8K Raw after long time shoot


  • Canon Fixed overheats after new firmware update.
  • no active cooling system
  • don’t has a nice C-log 3
  • not good on battery life
  • Hardly to get 60 fps in raw
  • ak on the R5 will overheat after some time
  • no longer stabilized sensor
  • No dualpixel AF shooting in 4K

Wrapping Up

So, from the day it was announced till today, and after a few firmware updates and new lenses in combination with RF glass Canon R5 is insane.

You can not go wrong with the EOS R5 its price point it has amazing video, amazing stills top-notch, autofocus, great raw files, great lens selection both native and adapted.

So, if you are someone who shoots video you can go for something more like the Sony A7S III or the Sony fx3, or maybe the Canon C70.


R5 being a light sensor camera the iso sensitivity should not be as good as small sensor cameras but looking at the results this camera is excellent.

So, I can say that R5 is better in many things like user interface, the autofocus system the face tracking, and eye detection because with those features you will get so many more pictures in focus compared to the 5D Mark IV.

the Canon R5 is able to capture in C log-2 in camera and this is a great feature for all of us who shoot on the R5 that do not want to shoot in 8k raw.

So my thoughts about the EOS R5 could be a great choice it is a very capable camera if you are looking for something like the Canon R1 which really hits it out of the park and would be sort of more like a fully mirrorless Canon 1DX Mark III.

Canon R5

Released Date9 July 2020
Body TypeSLR Style Mirrorless
Sensor typeFull Frame CMOS
Sensor size36 x 24 mm
Sensor resolution8192 x 5464 
Sensor pixel45
ProcessorDigic X
Color filter arrayPrimary color filter
Expanded 102400
Image stabilization 5 axis 8 stops
Focus typeDual pixel CMOS
Focus points1053
Manual focusYes
Lens mount Canon RF
Focal length multiplier1x
Screen typeFully articulated LCD touch
Screen size3.2″
Screen resolution2,100,000 dots
Viewfinder typeElectronic Oled
Viewfinder resolution5,760,000 dots
Coverage 100%
Shutter typeElectronic controlled vertical traverse focal plane 
Shutter speed Min 30
Max 1/800
Electronic 1/8000
Continuous drive20.0 fps
External flash Yes
Sync speed 1/200 sec
Exposure compensation+/- 3 at 1/3 EV, 1/2 EV steps
AE Bracketing +/-6 (2,3,5,7 frames at 1/3 EV, 1/2 EV steps
WB BracketingYes
Video resolutionUltra HD 8K 30
4K 120
Log GammaC Log
Video formatMPEG-4, H.264, H.265
Storage typeSD/SDHC/SDXC UHS-II + CFexpress
ConnectivityUSB 3.2 GEN 2 10 GBit/sec
Wireless transmitter802.11b/g/n/ac 5 GHz
Build in Bluetooth Yes
Battery life CIPA320 shots
Dimensions138 x 98 x 88 mm

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