Canon EOS R5 C Mirrorless Cinema Camera

Canon dropped the first video hybrid cinema line camera Canon EOS R5 C a better version of the EOS R5 with a lot of really cool features for a video released in January 2022 and one of the best cameras under $10,000.

At first glance, you’ll notice that the R5C looks very similar to the R5, and not quite there are actually some pretty decent upgrades with the R5C and its cooling fans.

So, it means if you film in 8k raw for over 10 hours you will have zero problems compared to the canon R5. R5C has a great feature that makes a real cinema camera it actually has a time code which means that the R5C essentially has two operating systems built into one body.

the image quality has been improved now it has dual native iso, the dynamic range has been improved and the low light is much cleaner.

So let’s jump into my thoughts on the R5C this camera is basically the answer to the Sony FX3 which came out after the Sony A7 III and Sony A7S III and they put in a very customizable cinema-like body.

So, basically, this camera sits nicely between the Sony A7S III and the Sony FX6 which is an entry-level cinema camera.

If you want to know does it a photo a cinema or a hybrid camera this is a cinema camera without spending the cinema camera price and currently is the cheapest RF cinema camera that has come out in recent times.

It looks like the perfect camera for both stilts and videos that are ideal in run and gun situations and unlike its predecessor, the EOS R5C comes with a cooling solution.

If you are planning on upgrading a new camera body and planning to purchase a new camera like Sony A1 or EOS R5.

I’ve got my hands on the brand new Canon EOS R5C and If you have been waiting for this camera I will explain further the potential power of the EOS R5C.

I want to break down my thoughts on the new Canon R5C, it looks like so smallest most versatile cinema eos camera packed with video-first hybrid capabilities.

I’m going to give you my opinion about some of the features and talk about why is the perfect camera. R5C is basically a mirror image of the Canon R5 which was canon’s first mirrorless 8K capable camera.

the EOS R5 C is similar to the EOS R5 which shares a lot of DNA with the EOS R5 in the sensor, the processor and the lens mount, and the screen but is very different.

It’s designed for the videographer and also can shoot stills it looks different in size the screen on the back and the viewfinder is actually the same as the EOS R5.

EOS R5 C Body

the bigger body in the EOS R5C is very comfortable to hold it basically rests well on the hand it has a nice grip on it weight than the actual EOS R5.

In terms of buttons, you can see that there are two things printed there’s the inside printing which is for stills and then the outside of the button is when you’re in video mode.

the R5 C is equivalent to the Canon EOS R5 remains dust and moisture-proof it switches the R5 standard hot shoe a newer accessory seen on the Canon EOS R3, supports xlr adapters. It has the same buttons as R5, most of the controls are unchanged the main shutter button is colored bright red.

Canon EOS R5 C 1 1

EOS R5 C Menu

R5C has the canon menu system which is simple and clean very easy to use and it just works fundamentally.

Canon R5 C Menu 1

When you flip it in video mode you’re getting true cinema features like no record limit, shutter angle, false color, or waveforms you get the menu system from a cinema camera like the Canon C200, Canon C70, and Canon C500 mark II.

Canon EOS R5 C 3

the menu is different and has a look from cinema rigs not from a standard EOS and even the button layout and the way you use the buttons are very similar to a cinema rigs product.

Screen Type

R5 C has the same viewfinder with 5.76 million dots the same 3.2 inches fully articulated touchscreen, the same two slots for cf express and sd memory cards, the same battery and the same main ports which means the R5 C annoyingly inherits the micro HDMI port of the R5.

Canon R5C has the same LCD screen and EVF as the EOS R5 there’s a nice big red record button on the camera which you see on the eos cinema cameras as well as things like a tally light which is always very handy.

EOS R5C Sensor

the R5 C uses the same sensor as the EOS R5 with its dual-pixel CMOS sensor and has a dual native iso the noise even in the high iso is just great and perfect, it has 800 and 3200 iso with c log 3 and 400 and 1600.

When you’re filming in C-log 3 your initial sort of base of iso is 800 and then your second one is 3200 so it should perform really well in low light.

EOS R5C has a 45-megapixel backside-illuminated stacked CMOS sensor, which lends to taking high-resolution photos. It has a similar body to Sony A1 and is able to use your eyes to select autofocus.

the R5C has a digital sensor stabilizer that works in combination with the optical rf lenses. It’s very effective while filming handheld and very good with lightweight gimbals.

Image Quality

the image is the nicest that i’ve seen out of a mirrorless camera R5C brings still image capabilities from the EOS R5 and video capabilities of the EOS C70.

So, if you do color grading the footage in the dark place you will see that there is no noise and still plenty of detail in the shadows.


the AF in this camera is almost identical to that of the EOS R5 you get AF in even 4k up to 100p and shooting in 4k 100p you can get a really good slow-mo at a solid resolution.

So, when you turn to wide area autofocus where you whip it from one shot to the next it worked amazingly well keeping the object in focus by choosing the areas you want.

the EOS R5 has really good autofocus but the EOS R5 C uses the same autofocus that is in line with the Canon C70 and the autofocus is also touch focus which enables you to just focus every subject in the focus.

  • vehicle tracking
  • head detection
  • eye detection
  • Eye Tracking

Video Features

When it comes to doing video you can still take pictures you just flick the switch left or right to go from photo or video mode and then you need to shoot video just flick the switch back over to the video side and you can start shooting limited 8K recording.

this camera has some really impressive cine capabilities and is way more video-focused you can get in 4k 24 fps in 4k 120 fps and also 8k raw 24 fps and 8k raw 60 fps 8k raw 60 fps but keep in mind that shooting 8k raw 60 fps requires you to use external power.

If you want to shoot in 4k 120p high frame rate modes you do need to be in the slow and fast mode though so it’s not just like a standard mode you can shoot 4k 50p 60p with no problem when you go up to 120 and 100p then you need to be in the slow and fast.

EOS R5C has unlimited record time even 8k 60p and with that fan running you’re gonna get unlimited record time when recording in 8k.

You get full-frame 8k in 12-bit raw up to 60p internally in cinema raw light and just like the R5 you get full frame 4K up to 120 fps.

there’s c-log 3 and HLG available a custom picture menu like you find in other cinema eos cameras, there’s proxy recording plus relay recording.

Also, this camera has a really cool feature when you shoot in slow and fast modes you don’t get any audio on your footage which can be then an issue in the edit.

In terms of overheating it doesn’t overheat even when shooting ak 4K 120 continuously.

Canon R5C features 10 bit 4:2:2 xf avc or MP-4 recording it has three cinema raw modes it has hq, standard and the light.

every different video codec can be filmed in 10 bit 4:2:2 also there is an option to shoot an 8 bit or shoot in 4:2:0 you can tier it to the scale of your production and how big you want your footage to be.

In terms of ak raw feature with the R5C when you work in post productions and you need to crop in reframe your shots it slows down and gets everything out when color-creating that beautiful raw footage.

R5C has two operating systems basically integrated so one for photo and one for cinema both from canon both great both very different and both very much appreciated, you can record in three versions an hq raw and normal raw and the raw light.

the EOS R5 C boasts many video formats and features from canon’s cinema EOS line as well as many of the still imaging capabilities of the EOS R5.


the R5C has got a very comprehensive airflow system built in which means it’s absolutely not getting a heat problem in case you film in 4K 120 fps or 8K 30 fps for about an hour with no issue with this camera.

Bit Rates

In terms of bit rates it’s ridiculous when you shoot 8k 60p it shoots at 2.6 gigabytes per second it will fill your cards up really quickly and is really hard to process when you’re shooting in 8k 30 and this camera also gives you 8k raw in three different types of formats.

Canon R5C Specs

the Canon R5C features the brand new rf mount, a 45 megapixel 8K full frame sensor, an electronic and mechanical shutter up to 1/8000 of a second, record 8K canon raw light internally up to 60 fps.

Also, it can do dci 4k at 120 fps internally it can record in super 35 or APS-C crop modes or super 16 modes with different recording frame rates with its standard gamma curve you can only do canon C-log3.

It has dual card slots with CFexpress type B or an SD UHS-II card it has a micro hdmi output, has a 3.5 millimeter audio input and output, it has a 2.1 million dot flip screen that is 3.2 inches wide the built-in electronic viewfinder has a high resolution of 5.7 million dots.

Canon EOS R5 C 1
  • 12.0fps (20.0fps Electronic) continuous shooting
  • 8K – 8192 x 4320 up to 60p
  • 4K 3840 x 2160 up to 120p
  • 1920 x 1080 up to 60p
  • Image format JPEG, RAW
  • Image stabilization Digital
  • 120fps High-Speed Video
  • Built-in Wireless
  • cf express card
  • sd card slot
  • 770g. 142 x 101 x 111 mm
  • Weather-Sealed Body
  • Live View
  • Aperture Priority
  • Shutter Priority
  • Manual exposure mode

Why choose EOS R5 C over EOS R6?

R5C-Video Record Unlimited vs Limited-R5
R5C-Max Sensor Resolution 45 MP vs 20 MP-R5
R5C-LCD Screen Size 3.2″ vs 3.0″-R5
R5C-LCD Screen Resolution 2.100k dots vs 1.620k dots-R5
R5C-Viewfinder Resolution 5760k dot vs 3690k dot-R5
R5C-Max Video Resolution 8192 x 4320 vs 3840 x 2160-R5
R5C-Top LCD Yes vs NO-R5
R5C-CFexpress Card Support Yes (Type B) vs none-R5


  • Bigger Powerful Body
  • More Raw File Option
  • Full Cinema Menu
  • 2 different menu
  • canon’s full cinema menu system
  • shutter angle
  • a microphone up top
  • Custom white balance
  • 120 FPS sound Capture
  • Eternal Flash
  • Orientation Sensor
  • record an 8k in raw
  • Multi Function Accessory shoe
  • False Color
  • Wave Form
  • Oversampled Images
  • Video Phot Toggle
  • Works with older lenses
  • Fun for Cooling
  • Hot Shoe Mount XLR Adaptor


  • No sensor-shift ibis
  • No built-in nd filter
  • No Contrast Detect
  • No Subject scene modes
  • No Build in flash

Image stabilization

This camera has no image stabilization or in-body image stabilization it does have digital stabilization which you can turn on through the menu system.


dual base iso helps with low light it gives you a much better end result and something which is extremely welcome used is there’s no time limit on recording time the only limit really is on power.

ND Filters

When comes to internal ND filters for any camera is a big factor if you do commercial work but the R5C doesn’t have any internal ND filters you can use matte boxes or you can use an adapter between the sensor and the lens and get some drop-in ND filters.


EOS R5C has the same dual card slots as the EOS R55 so you’ve got CF express type B and SD UHS-II retains the same connections from the R5.


Canon R5C takes the LP-E6 NH battery you don’t have to worry about recording time limits or anything like that.

Canon EOS R5C

If you compare R5C power draw with a C500 mark II or C200 or even a C70 it performs on par compare with those cameras.

Canon EOS R5 C 1 2

Canon R5C Release Date

EOS R5 C was announced two years after the original R5 in January 2022 and costs around $4500 which is around $600 over the EOS R5.

Canon EOS R5 C Price

the Canon EOS R5 costs about $4,000 which has a less cheap body in comparison with the EOS R5 C costs about $4500 to $5,000 the Canon R5C and the Canon R3 will be priced similarly.

So, if you still thinking about what camera is for you let me help you, if the Canon R5 is under $4,000, R5C might cost a couple of grand more, note that the Canon R3 looks to be a camera above the EOS R5 series though not quite as high as an anticipated Canon R1 also be slightly above the 6k range.


  • keep recording until you run out of memory
  • digital stabilization is available
  • recording over 2 hours in 8k 24p
  • recording 6 hours 4k in 10 bit 422 without overheating
  • got the photo video switch
  • you can adjust the noise reduction
  • designed to do stills and video at the same time
  • uses the same memory cards as the EOS R5
  • Internal Raw Video Recording
  • shooting an 8k raw internally


  • limited in dynamic range of clog 3
  • Battery life isn’t that impressive
  • it doesn’t have stabilized sensor
  • doesn’t have internal ND filters
  • it doesn’t have ibis
  • No dualpixel AF shooting in 4K
  • when record 8k 60p you’re not able to power your lens

Wrapping Up

So, one of the really cool things about the camera is being able to shoot in 8k at first glance you can see it is very similar to the EOS R5 but it actually has quite a few good little features it has a very angle 3.2 inch screen.

Canon fixed two things with EOS R5C one being the overheating Canon introduced an internal fan but I realize that it does make some noise with no overheating even in 8K.


Canon R5C is a bigger and powerful body that basically prevents the camera from overheating with no runtime issues you can record as long as you want.

It looks like an R5 with a fan slapped on it and this is truly a hybrid style camera because it does photo and video like many other cameras but this does it differently and both shoot in full frame.

the Canon R5C is definitely targeted towards hybrid shooters for capturing great steel photos and excellent video.

Canon EOS R5 C

Release Date19 January 2022
Body TypeSLR Style Mirrorless
Lens MountCanon RF
Sensor TypeFull Frame CMOS
Sensor Size36 x 24
Sensor Resolution8192 x 5464
Sensor Pixel35.40 MP For Video
45MP For Photo
ProcessorDigic X
Extended to 100-102400
Image StabilizationDigital stabilization
Continuous Shooting20fps
Focal Lenght Multiplier1x
Color Filter ArrayBayer
Viewfinder TypeElectronic Oled
Viewfinder Resolution5,760,000 dots
Screen TypeFully Articulate Touch
Screen Size3.15″
Screen Resolution2.1, 000,000 dots
Battery TypeLP-E6NH
Battery Life320 shoots
Storage TypeCF Express Type B
Focus TypeDual Pixel CMOS AF ITR AF X
Focus Points1053
Manual FocusYes
Image FormatRaw, Jpeg, HEIF
Bit Rate14bit
Shutter TypeMechanical & Electronic
Shutter SpeedMin 30
Max 1/8000
Shutter Angle11.25 to 360
Sync Speed 1/250
Exposure Compensation+/-3 EV, 1/3 EV, 1/2 EV
Self Timer 10sec
Silent ShootingYes
Log GammaC-Log3
Dynamic Range14 stops
Video FormatXF-AVC, MP4, HEVC
Video CompressionHEVC/H.264 10bit
HLG, C-Log3 10bit
Video Resolution8K-up to 30p
4:2:2 10bit
12bit internal record
8K Raw Output
Audio FormatLPCM 4ch 48kHz 24bit AAC
Ports Microphone
USB Type C
Water Dust ResistanceYes
White Balance Presets9
Uncompressed FormatRaw
Live ViewYes
ConnectivityUSB 3.2 Gen 2 10bit sec
Dimension142 x 101 x 111 mm

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