Canon C200 vs Blackmagic Pocket 6K

This review is about the Canon C200 vs Blackmagic Pocket 6K which is better if you can get the right decision can be fun. I’m going to be comparing my two favorite cinema cameras comparison how each one fares and where I prefer one another again.

so I’m going to talk about the main differences between the cameras the pros and cons of each what kind of shoots have used them on and the things I like and don’t like so much about the two cameras.

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So if I talk about Canon C200 vs Blackmagic Pocket 6K are slightly different in price, you come close to that same price depending on how tall you are.

But this is not the way to go with the Canon EOS C200 both cameras are entry-level cameras in the cinema camera area.

they both have similar sensors and the same melt so the BMPCC 6K is a big part of my job having the option to deliver 6K footage is a huge potential plus a 6K sensor allows you to get a super clean 4k 120 fps into palenque something that I was very interested in.

When Blackmagic announced the camera was the ability to recall 120 fps in 2.8 k which can make a very cool shot and I could easily upscale it to 4K.

at the features of the Canon EOS C200 for some photographers is clearly a better camera for weddings and while there is some truth that certain cameras are better suited for certain other environments.

Blackmagic Pocket 6K for me looks really quite impressive a little a bit more expensive but looks really good.

C200 it’s not a real film camera and I will tell you that is the C200 is just as much of a film camera as the pocket Cinema Camera 6K just like Arri Alexa and the Red cameras.

Canon EOS C200
Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K
Blackmagic Pocket 6K

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1. Image Quality

Blackmagic pocket 6k the image quality you got a 6K resolution which gives you a lot of room to move to sort of bump the resolution crop in and really restructure your quality and also it’s a great b-roll camera.

Pocket 6K is great if you’re doing super slow motion like a hundred and twenty frames per second this takes the C200 slow motions as simply because it’s so good and you got the higher resolution of 2.8 K.

So you don’t even have to use just 1080 granted it is cropped and the C200 120 isn’t cropped but even cropped in the 6 pocket 6 KS 120 is far better than the C200 120 from my own personal experiences.

In terms of image quality, C200 is better than the pocket 6k the highlight roll-off is just it’s so much easier to maintain things.

2. low-light

the C 200 overall is relatively less noisy than the Blackmagic pocket 6k but in terms of color retention and just terms of the details of the image which to me is far more important than necessary noise the pocket 6k is actually the best camera that I’ve actually come across that can do that happen.

In terms of low-light in terms of color retention color accuracy and detail, it is the best that I have come across, so in those categories, the pocket 6k is the clear better-suited camera.

3. Dual pixel autofocus

If we go into the C 200 dual pixel autofocus and if you do a lot of moving shots C200 is able to just go from one area to the end Pixar autofocus just keeps it up.

the highlights are a little bit better on the C 200, it’s got all the ergonomic features it’s a workhorse you can true a real recording and dual recording with the C 200 and all the ergonomic features about the camera are clear winners.

the C 200 is a great key for weddings when you need to just go in get the shot and just take it. But in comparison is really key compared to the pocket Cinema Camera where you have to side if you need the screw on the Indies or put a matte box compared to the C 200 which has built-in Indies when you have to sort of quickly.

4. Slow motion

we come to the topic of slow motion and the pocket 6K in 2.8 k 100 20 record frames in Blackmagic and the C200 can be in a compressed mp 4 codecs in full HD 120 club record and the clear winner for me is the Blackmagic because it can do it in Rome.

5. Color

let’s get to the topic of colors I wanted to look at how accurate are the colors on both cameras I was surprised that the pocket 6K has more accurate colors compared to the Canon C200. I think both cameras take a nice picture so the call as 1 in both cameras is really very good in my opinion.

6. Batteries

the battery life on the C200 is a little bit better otherwise you have to put a V mount battery on the seat on the pocket 6K in order to for me to truly really do it.

BMPCC, which is awesome, uses the Sony NP-550 battery, so if you’ve ever used one of those onboard LED lights or, honestly, a lot of camera accessories in general, most of them will use a battery like this.

Wrapping Up

So the difference between Canon C200 vs Blackmagic Pocket 6K is that the C200 is great at just getting things quickly which is obviously, key for weddings when you need to just go in get the shot, and just take the Canon does it well. But overall just in terms of functionality C200 is a far better use than the pocket 6k well I won’t say far better but personally, for me, it’s a lot easier to use.


So the highlight recovery on C200 is much greater than the pocket 6k the highlight roll-off is better on the C200 than it is on the pocket. so if you’re trying to get the back window they’re bright somewhere close to properly exposed it’s so much easier to do that with the pocket 6k even though it does have the high light recovery.


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