Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K G2

Today I’m gonna be giving you my thoughts on the Blackmagic Ursa mini pro 4.6K G2 review as the best cinema camera under 10000 but you can read my review about Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 12K.

after I finished up shooting with this couple of mounts ago and I got many questions about what is the best cheap film camera.

So I’m going to go over what’s new with the Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 4.6k G2 verse the g1 and then I’m also going to talk about the ergonomics and some of the software features.

Some of the things that are really cool and some of the things that you just want to know before you start shooting with this cinema camera.

So let’s get right into it starting with.

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Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K G2
Photo by Kristina Delp on Unsplash
So last year I saw the Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6K g2 for the first time and I was surprised by what Blackmagic was attempting to achieve in a low-budget production camera it’s definitely one of those things let’s find out if it’s both.

Over the last few months, I have been using the Blackmagic Ursa mini pro G2 as a workhorse camera.

And in that time I have used it on a number of different projects ranging from controlled studio stuff to running gun stuff out in dusty and dirty environments.

And even in the snow and in the cold and all that kind of good stuff so in that time I feel like I have used it enough to formulate a pretty well-rounded opinion about this camera so figured I would make this review about it.

Most of us would probably say the Arri Alexa because it’s the most popular camera used in Hollywood feature films.

But you can’t have a king without a queen and a princess and this analogy sucks for an intro.

I’m talking about the Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K G2 because it’s a firmware update and the prince of the latest cinema camera.


  • super 35mm sensor with 4608 by 2592
  • 15 stops of dynamic range
  • native ISO of 3200
  • shoot 4.6 K up to 120 frames per second
  • 4k DCI up to 150 frames per second
  • 1080 up to 300 frames per second
  • EF mount
  • built-in monitor
  • ability to record two SD cards
  • built-in internal ND
  • built-in xlrs


1. Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K g2 Specs

  • Effective Sensor Size 25.34X14.25 milimeter super 35
  • Lens Mount EF mount included Interchangeable with optional PL, B4 and F lens
  • Lens Control-Electronic controlvia EF mountpins or 12pin broadcast connector for compatiblelenses
  • Dinamic Rang

This camera the Ursa G2 is incredible when it first got announced I honestly couldn’t even believe my little baby blue eyes when I saw that spec sheet.

In my opinion, I think it has the perfect list of specs especially for the kind of work that I do.

Which is music videos interviews some weddings even I’ve taken this on a couple of wedding films, small commercials that sort of thing.

So this camera has its flaws I’m not gonna be a Blackmagic fan man and worship. This thing can’t we just be nerdy for a minute and talk about all the cool stuff.

2. Camera Performance

Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K G2 1
Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K G2

this camera is actually pretty decent in low-light situations you can get up to 1600 ISO and have clean images which are really cool it’s definitely better than the previous generation of Ursa which had some struggles with those weird noise patterns.

if you’re lighting at all you don’t have to worry you’re gonna get clean looking images one thing I have noticed is I think this sensor just requires more light han other sensors in general if you set the settings of this camera the exact same on a red camera, this camera will look a little darker that’s what I’ve learned with most cinema cameras.

with the new version they’ve also updated the USBC port to allow you to record out to a mini SSD which will give you more recording options along with the dual SD card slots as well as the C fast 2.0.

Package Weight7.82 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)14.8 x 8.7 x 7.9″
Dynamic Range15 Stops
Lens Mount Canon EF
Built-In ND FilterMechanical Filter Wheel with 2 Stop
Memory Card Slot Dual Slot SD
Variable Frame Rates Up to 300 fps
Lens MountCanon EF

3. Camera Body Design

as far as the body is concerned this camera is looking almost exactly the same as the previous model verse g2 in size they both weigh about 5 pounds body alone.

once you start adding on the extra things like the EVF and the side grip of the shoulder mount it starts to add up a little bit more I think with the EVF and a handgrip it’s about 8 pounds.

and then a couple more once you add that shoulder mount and a battery in the lens and all of that the physical dimensions of the camera are exactly the same as well, it’s about 8 inches long 6 inches tall and about 5 inches deep or wide.

EF mount houses the super 35 a new sensor for the Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro g2 and it has an EF mount, and b4 mount for broadcast lenses on the right side of the camera.

On the left side of the body, it has an auto white balance button which is going to give you auto white balance you can just hold up a white sheet of paper and you’ll be able to white balance to that.

above that, it has a little dial that has one through four and this is going to be all of your ND filters so it has clear two stops, four stops, and then six stops of built-in internal ND, and these are IR ND.

on the front, it has a stereo microphone input for internal or scratch audio even it’s not super high quality for actual productions.

on the other side of the mount, it has a small lens data port a 12 pin connector that is used for broadcast lenses, a little bit above that, and more onto the right side of the camera it has a 12 volt out as well as an SDI out.

It has zoom control so you can punch it on the image to check your focus there is a display that is going to give you aspect ratio overlays as well as your grid and a focus peaking to check that focus again.

going back to the side of the camera it has a standard re rosette which is going to be used for the extra grip which also gives some more features.

It has a record start/stop button as well as some focus and exposure tools going back a little further to the i/o panel on the backside it has SDI out.

There is a reference timecode in and out to keep track of time code and sync up multiple cameras if you’re doing a Multicam shoot right below that you have your 12 volt DC used to plug into wall power.

on the top of the camera, there are two XLR inputs and this is going to get it so you can plug in two 3 pin XLR s with phantom power.

starting on the outside of LCD display there are a couple of channel knobs here for adjusting your channel levels right next to that, there are a couple of buttons for playback and navigation.

4. Camera Sensor

With Blackmagic Ursa mini 4.6K, you get a super 35 sensor with 4608 by 2592 that was right.

And it supposedly has 15 stops of dynamic range, you can shoot 4.6 K all the way up to 120 frames per second, 4k DCI up to 150 frames per second and 1080 up to 300 frames per second in Full HD.

And ladies and gentlemen that’s all in black magic raw it looks beautiful.

It’s an EF mount but you can also get a PL adapter from Blackmagic you get two to six stops of built-in nd on this little spin wheel.

A reason I love this camera is that if I want to finish in 4k I can squeeze my stuff down the sample into 4k and I can get beautiful sharp images from this camera.

And another thing if I’m doing a 1080 timeline I get even more squeezed ability and with both 4k and 1080 timelines I get the option to zoom in.

it’s nice I just gotta say it I just got to be truthful the images coming out of this camera are freaking gorgeous.

So the specs are freakin awesome and honestly, I think 4.6 K is the perfect resolution for today’s days and age.

It’s a super 35 millimeter sensor which I’m totally fine with I haven’t shot full-frame since I shot with the A7S2.

with the faster sensor readout and the improvement that they’ve made to the sensor, the rolling shutter effect is greatly reduced, and from what I could see it’s almost not there.

I’ve whipped that camera back and forth as fast as I could side by side with the Ursa Mini Pro and there is a night and day difference with the rolling shutter so that’s another great improvement that they’ve made the g2.

5. Image Quality

image quality’s camera is pretty stinking awesome now it’s a 4.6 k resolution but if you didn’t know that its 4.6k which is really good for a couple of reasons scaling to 4k gives you just a nice really crisp image.

you get a little bit of opportunity to punch in and your colors actually start to get a little bit more accurate because those extra pixels when you downscale to 4k you’re using that extra pixel to get more color information which is pretty sweet so all in all the image quality is beautiful.

so I simply put the Ursa mini pro G2 is an all-in-one package that has all the necessary features and all the abilities built in to be a run-and-gun cinema camera.

6. Camera Monitor

The built-in monitor obviously is nice and the ability to record two SD cards I mean fast cards and SSDs so it’s nice to have those options.

I honestly love it I’ve been so used to editing footage from the Lumix G H 5 and when I first got this camera and put some footage on my computer and did a side-by-side it just wasn’t even a comparison.

This camera just it’s just that next level up with some mirrorless cameras like I tested the Sony a6000 which is obviously way smaller.

So there are so many different types of cameras but this is the camera that I choose to film.

7. Ursa Mini Pro Weight

This camera weighs almost 30 pounds it’s very heavy just the way I like it.

Because this camera is perfectly customized to my kind of shooting and every filmmaker has their own special style and their own way of seeing the world and your camera should be the extension of your cinematic eye.

This camera is not very heavy by itself but without all accessories, it’s just not the same.

Product Dimension 8.2x8x5.8″/21×20.1×4.7cm
Item Weight 5.1 lb / 2.3 kg
Item model number BM-CINEURSAMUPRO46KG2
long 8 inches
tall 6 inches
wide 5 inches
Date First Available April 29, 2019
Manufacturer Blackmagic Design

This camera is the Blackmagic Design Ursa mini pro 4.6 kg – which I think is a horrible name for a camera.

But it is what I love about this camera because it has built-in neutral density filters that allow me to change my exposure very quickly and maintain a specific aperture on with my lens.

It’s an amazing camera with great improvements from the first generation and I think it’s the workhorse.

8. Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K G2 Price

those are my general thoughts about Ursa Mini Pro G2 and my impression. G2 is a camera that got my attention the price is outstanding I have included a few options to check.


if you want a little bit more sharpness or a faster turnaround in the grade then the Ursa mini pro is probably the one for you. This camera shoots raw internally so you get a lot of latitudes in the post and a lot of ability to manipulate skin tone colors and texture.


Blackmagic also provides internal ND-filters I can say for me it’s kind of like a one-stop-shop as well. The only difference that I didn’t like with that the Blackmagic Ursa is the low light isn’t as great of course and what else I did not like about the black magic is the autofocus was horrible so for me.

the skin texture of the Ursa mini pro is really good but the colors I find are still a little bit more aggressive and maybe a bit blotchy that said the color in the contrast of the video profile complemented by the softness of the Ursa sensor seems to be most favorable to nice soft and pleasing skin tones.

those are the biggest things for me and the black magic Ursa mini didn’t seem as run and gun in comparison with Canon EOS C200. But as far as the Blackmagic pocket cinema camera 6K the reason why this camera is in a running is that it is smaller so I could take it a lot more around.


So for anyone who is wiled to pay and decided to get a new camera I definitely recommend getting the G2, what makes this a unique cinema camera because it has a really good image quality with simple and easy functionality.

Is Ursa mini pro full-frame?

With Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K G2 you can shoot 4.6 K all the way up to 120 frames per second, 4k DCI up to 150 frames per second, and 1080 up to 300 frames per second in Full HD.


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