Rayan Brean

Freelancer, Cameraman, and Photographer

If you are here for the first time I will tell you something about me is Rayan and here on my website, I’m talking about photography and video-related gear. I have spent more than 15 years photographing wildlife in the depths of the woods since am a photographer for entertainment commercials I’ve been working in the industry for the last ten years.

I’m a cinematographer a product researcher based out of Cleveland, Ohio United States I have tested analyzed, and researched new products and create a list of the best products based on price quality, features, and user feedback.

I graduated Photography College I won awards for documentary projects I shot landscapes, products, portraits.

Rayan Brean

I run a small production company and have been filming TV shows I shoot a lot of music videos commercials films branded content documentaries a lot of different stuff for a decade and I’ve always preferred Canon cameras mostly for their ergonomic sort of usability and their color science.

I work across broadcast branded content documentaries and corporate and work for many household brands worldwide.

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The opinions expressed on this website are not influenced by or paid for by any outside individual or company. I only use and test products by myself with my own money for testing and reviewing for my company unless otherwise noted.

And guys I have done too much work investing in types of equipment, testing, and reviewing even I hired a website developer to create my website because I want to make an engagement for all of you and learn about cameras and a lot of kinds of stuff.

Thanks for visiting my website

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