10 Best Cinema Cameras Under 10000

In this review, I want to explain everything about the best cinema cameras under 10000. If you are looking to find which is the best action camera under 10000 there are a lot of cinema cameras that have been brought out over the years.

There are so many new cinema cameras that can shoot 8k and 12k I have covered all cameras with specifications and performance and of course, a lot of the older cameras have now become more inexpensive and easy to buy and have prices under a thousand us dollars.

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Which are the Best Cinema Cameras Under 10,000?

Panasonic AU-EVA 1

Panasonic AU EVA1 has some very compact ergonomics and a lot of helpful usability features for people who are in a kind of a one-person band sort of situation or single camera operator situation.

Panasonic AU EVA1


Super 35mm 5. 7K Sensor
Record 4K up to 60fps
Record 2K up to 240fps
record 10-bit, 4:2:2 sampling

so the camera is very configurable and you have a lot of ways to make it work exactly the way that you’d like to work. It doesn’t really produce a solid stock film look it does have a little Panasonic character in it.

Panasonic AU-EVA1

with the compact design and amazing build quality, the Panasonic au eva1 provides you the stunning video quality in order to ensure your perfect filming experience.

Blackmagic Ursa mini pro 4.6k G2

Today I’m gonna be giving you my thoughts on the Blackmagic Ursa mini pro 4.6 k G2 as the best cinema camera under 10000 after I finished up shooting with this couple of mounts ago and I got many questions about what is the best cheap film camera.

Blackmagic Ursa mini pro 4.6k G2


15 stops of dynamic range
Super 35mm 4.6K Sensor Blackmagic Design Generation 4
frame rates up to 60fps
recording up to 120fps in 4.6K,
150fps in DCI 4K,
300fps in HD Blackmagic RAW

Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K G2

Canon EOS C70

Canon EOS C70 seems to break the mold with Canon and give people a new entry point into the cinema eos family. It’s the first cinema eos camera to utilize canon’s rf mount which has of course been their mirrorless still mount.

Canon C70 Body


High frame rate 4K 120p and 2K Crop 180p
Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus
2, 4, 6, 8, 10 stop internal ND filter system
35mm Dual Gain Output sensor
DIGIC DV7 Processor
4K 120p high frame rate recording

designed with quality in mind the canon EOS C70 comes with the strong build quality and ergonomic design that can enhance cinematic performance to a whole new level.

Canon EOS C70

Blackmagic Pocket 6K Pro

Many of you have waited a decade for an all-new camera and finally, we have a camera with a tilt screen sony batteries a new battery grip, built-in nd filters, and a super nice looking removable evf and the new gen 5 color science.

Blackmagic 6K Pro LCD Screen


Super 35 sensor with 6144 x 3456
13-stops of dynamic range
dual native ISO up to 25,600
Built-in ND Filters
high-quality motorized IR ND filters
2-, 4-, and 6-stop filters
Dual Gain ISO of up to 25,600
Record up to 21.2 MP still frames

The Blackmagic 6K Pro looks so different from the upgrades than the original 6K you get a brighter screen which is 1 500 nits compared to the original 6k which is 400 nits I think.

it has a tilt screen that tilts up and down it has no internal nd filters it also has bigger batteries the Sony NPF series batteries.

Blackmagic 6K Pro

the 6K pro model has over the regular 6k version first it comes with a brand new LCD screen that tilts up and down completely, it runs on newer mpf 570 batteries that will last you a lot longer than your normal canon lp e6 batteries also, it has a color science update.

6K pro strap a 30 watt power supply one sony mpf 570 battery and of course, the camera which is a lot bigger than the pocket 4k but it shares the same DNA as the pocket 6k.

Canon EOS C200

Canon released the C200 in May of 2017 and in that time a lot of other cameras have hit the market both at the higher end with the Canon C300 Mark III and the C500 mark II. And a huge amount of it is it can do raw like the Blackmagic pocket cinema camera 6k.

Canon EOS C200 1


35mm Dual Pixel CMOS Sensor AF Technology
Dual DIGIC DV 6 processors
4K DCI and UHD, 1920 x 1080
94/50/29. 97/25/24/23. 98P
120P in HD,
Canon raw light, MP4, MP4 sub-recording

It was really groundbreaking at the time for its small size the ergonomics of it it was exciting because the C100 had been out for such a long time with no real update insight.

I would just say the Canon EOS C200 is not a camera that will ever hold you back and it will let you punch above your weight class if you know what you are doing being able to shoot raw on this camera is so much fun.

Canon EOS C200

I was super excited about this camera because this will be one of my favorite reviews I’ve done so far and the reason for that is usually when Canon cinema camera releases a new camera the specs aren’t that crazy.

But once you use it you start realizing that this is a really good product but for this camera, the specs are actually super good.

what I notice first up with the C200 is that it has really nice highlights and the softness plays really really nice on the skin tones.

it also looks very similar to the C 100 in a comparison between the C 100 and the Canon EOS C200 is much beefier and heavier and feels a lot more solid than the C100, so if you use the C100 before or the C 300, or C 500 you will feel very comfortable.

so, I think that almost every single upgrade to the outside of this camera is fantastic.

Maybe for some photographers, C200 has been the best investment but there is no such thing as a perfect camera, and evaluation of a camera system all comes down to does that camera system meets certain needs of yours.

I think C200 meets the things that I actually need and want from my camera and C200 does a perfect job at meeting all of those things

Blackmagic 6K

since I started using the pocket 4K I’ve been a fan of the image quality and after the Blackmagic pocket 6K came out this model really has it all.
Blackmagic Pocket 6K Body


Super 35 sensor
capture up to 21. 2 megapixel
Records up to 6144 x 3456 (6K) video at 50 fps
13 stops of dynamic range
full resolution up to 60 or 120 fps

I can say that the poker 6k is better than previous Blackmagic cameras for low light but it’s not all that this camera shoots 6K in raw, shoots 4K in Pro Res, has an EF mount, good dynamic range, good colors.

Blackmagic Pocket 6K

in my experience Blackmagic cameras colors are amazing and natural, pocket 6K has an HDMI plugged into it a microphone, has 12 volts for a v-mount battery, it has a really nice screen on it.

Sony FX6

the Sony FX6 is a full-frame camera from sony that was developed to offer versatile cine-style imaging in a truly compact form so that you can capture life-like video with ease with an Exmor or CMOS image sensor.

FX6 has a powerful bionz xrtm image processor that features a high-speed readout with enormous processing power and impressive light-gathering capability for your next film.

it has an optimal dynamic range and up to 12800 iso so that you can shoot in very low light areas without compromising the quality.

The camera has two memory card slots capable of accepting the new cf express type cards as well as older UHS-II SDXC cards to get the most from the camera.

Sony FX6


10.2 MP 4K full-frame CMOS Exmor R Sensor
up to ISO 409,600
15+ stop2 dynamic range
Fast Hybrid AF
627 phase-detection AF points
Eye-AF tracking
Up to 4:2:2 10-bit5 QFHD 4K 120p,
DCI 4K up to 60p and FHD 240p

Canon EOS C700

the Canon C700 has all the same recording capabilities as the original built-in pro res 422 HQ recording will be plenty it takes a 5.9 K full-frame image and over samples to a 4k image.

the C 700 offers raw recording and cinema compatibility offers unprecedented low noise as well as a broad ranging to nality exceeding 15 stops with 3 law gammas to choose from.

Except for many features, it offers the 10 stops ND, ProResor XF-AVC to dual C fast cards with proxys on an SD card.

Canon EOS C700


5.9K (39 x 20mm) full-frame CMOS sensor
17:9 aspect ratio
15 stops of dynamic range
Dual Pixel AF,
Triple DIGIC DV 5 XF-AVC, and ProRes
Internal full frame up to 60fps
Internal 4K/Super35 Trim up to 72fps
Internal 2K/Super16 Trim up to 168fps

Canon C300 Mark III

Canon C300 Mark III features a 26-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor and 14 stops of dynamic range which you can get more clear and high-resolution images without a doubt.

it offers dual native iso 400 and1250 so you can capture your favorite scene all the time no matter whether it’s day or night you are always welcome to shoot your video perfectly.

Canon C300 Mark III


Super 35mm Dual Gain Output Sensor
4K 120p, 2K Crop 180p HDR
Cinema RAW Light and XF-AVC H.264 Codec
DIGIC DV7 Image Processor

Sony FX3

Sony FX3 ISO 2


4K full-frame sensor
15+ stops dynamic range- high sensitivity
Up To 120p 4K 10 bits 4:2:2
4K 60p uninterrupted recording with internal cooling fan

Which is the best action camera under 10000?

1. Canon Eos C200
2. Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro

what is the cheapest camera for filmmaking?

1. Black magic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro
2. Canon EOS C200


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